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The Potty Bench by Boon Review

Boon is a company that offers feeding and bath products for babies and children, among them, a terrific potty bench currently offered in two colors (blue and green) that usually retails for $29.99. We had the opportunity to review one in blue, and so far, we think it’s pretty neat.

The Potty Bench has multiple uses, primarily acting as a training potty for your little one. To this end, it offers a potty seat and backrest for your little one to sit comfortably, and a removeable receptacle for easy cleaning. On each side there is storage space, including a toilet paper holder, so he can reach his own tp when he needs it. As you can see from this photo, the side compartments are pretty roomy, and can hold other necessary items as well, such as wipes or toiletries:

In addition to being a training toilet, it can act as a stool to elevate your child, helping them to reach the sink and wash their hands or brush their teeth. Finally, it can double as a seat for you when bathing your baby in the big tub (it can hold up to 300 lbs).

Both side compartments can be closed and the potty covered to keep out dust or simply for a neat overall look. As you can see here, the Potty Bench stores away nicely, fitting perfectly between our pedestal sink and the bathtub, to be pulled out just when needed:

Other great features of the boon Potty Bench include the angled seat (to catch an overspill while your child learns to use it), a wide base, and slip-resistant surfaces (so your little one doesn’t slip). We are very impressed in general with how useful it is overall, and especially with the storage space (we haven’t found another potty trainer that offers these features).

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  • ~ Noelle

    i will need to get one of these soon.. thanks for the review