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Women Can Have it All

“Women today are encouraged by some to have it all: money, travel, marriage, motherhood, and separate careers in the world… However, you cannot do all these things well at the same time. You cannot eat all of the pastries in the baking shop at once. You will get a tummyache. You cannot be a 100-percent wife, a 100-percent mother, a 100-percent church worker, a 100-percent career person, and a 100-percent public-service person at the same time. How can all of these roles be coordinated? I suggest that you can have it sequentially. Sequentially is a big word meaning to do things one at a time at different times. The book of Ecclesiastes says: β€œTo every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

~ James Faust

I always found this advice for women beautiful and inspirational. I had my time where I went to school and was educated, and learned lots of new things, had great hobbies, and tried new things…. I had a career for ten years, attained some prestige, was independant…. I travelled a lot and saw the world, learned about different cultures, made lots of friends…. I met a great guy, had a lovely courtship, enjoyed our engagement, and got married…. Now I am going to be spending a good deal of time focusing on being a great mom and making my children into good citizens and people of fine character.

I may not have everything at once, but I love rereading this quote every so often and reminding myself I can have it all…at different times. It’s empowering for women, and we women should be empowering other women, reminding each other to strive for it all, and do our best at everything when we are at that season of life. Any woman can. And what I’m doing right now is what I will focus on and put all my attention and heart into, until the season for it ends, and then I will be dedicated to the next adventure of my life, and I will always be able to look fondly back at all my past adventures.

  • Fruitful Vine2

    Awesome reminder to be content. This helped me to put in focus many of the dreams that I have. Some have to be accomplished in another season for sure. Thank you so much for these profound words of wisdom.

    Hope your weekend was great.

  • Jules

    I love this! When we try to have it all and all at once, we end up doing nothing very well, just everything mediocre. Like it says, can't be 100% of everything!

    Congrats again and good luck on your new journey (=

  • Laura

    If only life could be so chronologically consistent. Its Ok to do it "backwards" get your education when you are older and have done your child rearing..or hell have a child when your "older" I think its never to late to start!

  • Chef Eureka

    Hello, over from MBC to follow you πŸ™‚

  • Michele

    Hi Penelope..
    I am following from MBC.
    What a wonderful blog. You are awsome. Thanks for being so active in helping moms get connected….
    I'm following for sure…

  • Zeemaid

    This is a beautiful quote and well worth reminding ourselves of once in a while.

    I also wanted to thank you, I received my prize in the mail and it was wonderful. I blogged about it this morning and wanted to thank you. It was a real treat getting it!

  • Ang

    I may need to write that up and stick it on my fridge to read when i feel the need to.

    I am here from MBC, but I was already a follower. LOL

  • Penelope

    FruitfulVine, thank you for visiting. I always find inspiration on your own blog.

    Jules, that is how I feel too…I can't focus on everything at once (trying to is futile, and makes me feel like a failure) but one at a time I can do, and do things well.

  • Penelope

    Laura, I agree with you, the chronology does not matter. It's the focus…when you are doing something, do it well, with all your heart (or don't do it at all…not every woman wants to be a wife, or have a career, or travel, etc, so don't…we should all follow the beat of our own drum).

  • Penelope

    Zeemaid, I'm glad you like it πŸ™‚

    MBC gals, thanks for popping by- I'll be visiting back soon!

  • Jessica

    I was thinking about this today. Do you mind if I link it on my page? I don’t have a lot of followers but I like being able to know where to find things like this.

  • Penelope

    Of course you can link to it. I love the theme of your blog, you’ll have a zillion followers in no time.