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Is Anyone Else Disgusted…

…by Hollywood’s support of Roman Polanski? Is anyone else repulsed by the standing ovations they always give him for “achievement” awards (as though to say, “We support you and stand up for you, how dare one of the little people tell us there is something we can’t do!”) or that he even gets these awards, and is so welcomed and adored in Hollywood? Is anyone else embarassed by the names on the petition of “high-ranking” celebrities that are in support of his release (including a notable statutory rapist who married his victim to avoid being ostracized)? Or the fact they insist he didn’t do anything wrong (as though they were there) or highlight his movie “masterpieces” (their word, very much not mine) as proof of what an amazing person he is?

I don’t normally post about these things, but I was so sickened by their years of support of Roman Polanski, their open-arm policy to their peers who do serious wrong, and the general low morals, mockery of family values, and derision of protecting innocent children that is rampant among celebrities and Hollywood and in Hollywood movies. This is why I don’t watch TV anymore, and rarely go to the movies (unless someone I trust recommends a movie as worthwhile and not offensive). Roman Polanski films stink, his famous testimony and other scandals, extradition, show what low character he has, and by association and support, what low character Roman Polanski supporters have.

I’ve never been impressed with Polanski’s work, or that of many of the actors and directors that are rushing to his defense. It’s incredibly obnoxious of them to presume, because they are in the public eye for their looks or acting skills, that this makes them important or intelligent enough to push their views on us, as though we can’t hear the facts and think for ourselves.

(Then again, I find it obnoxious when an actor I don’t find all that bright, who is paid to entertain us, not think for us, has the nerve to tell me who I should vote for, or what to buy, or how to live my life, when I don’t find how they live their lives and the choices they make anything to emulate or look up to or desire for anyone.)

I’m also not very impressed when actors or actresses like Jeannine Garofalo (I’m not even interested in making sure I spelled that correctly) call the working class names for standing up for their rights, picketing, holding “tea parties”, etc. When Hollywood and actors and directors live in a way I admire and respect, then they can give me their opinions. Until then, I just have to turn the TV off and toss the magazine aside (I’ve cancelled many subscriptions as a result of this…can you imagine a beauty magazine telling you, for a whole issue, which president to vote for? I couldn’t either. I got a pro-rated refund, and was happy to hear that a short while later they stop the publication because of many offended readers cancelling).

I’m proudly patriotic, I’m proudly Christian, I’m proud to be happily married and call my husband my hero, and I’m so very protective of innocent minors, and I don’t want anyone who mocks any of my beliefs and disrespects what is most important to me to presume to tell me what I should believe or how I should live instead.

Thanks for listening. Back to your regularly scheduled program….

  • Emily B

    I'm with you. I've been outraged by all the recent comments in the media about how the authorities "should leave him alone". Um, excuse me?

    In my opinion he should absolutely not have gotten away with his crime for so long, and now that he's finally been apprehended he should be punished.

    What kind of message does it send when famous people can do any horrible thing and avoid punishment just because they're famous? Not cool.

  • Mom of Three

    You are so brave to write about this. I considered it and thought it so contraversial I left it alone. I too am sickened by the thought of that poor child and the psychological effect of that night on her. Roman Polanski is no less a criminal by virtue of being an artist. And someone should explain to me what punishment it is that he's suffered enough of. You mean voluntarily exiling himself to live in decadence in France to avoid jail? No he made a valiant effort to substitute exile for jail, and now he's facing the possibility of jail anyway. Sorry that's irony, not injustice.

  • Shana

    All I can say is Amen Sister!

  • Morgan

    Penelope, who is this person? What did he do?

  • Aaren

    Appreciate your message and thoroughly agree! WE have also gotten to the point where we rarely watch any tv or go to the movies, because our Christian values and beliefs are just mocked.

  • Caroline

    I am right there with you! Anyone else tired of hearing Sean Penn rant and rave every time he gets a mike?

  • Liz

    Thank you so much for this post! I couldn't agree more!

  • *Mirage*

    I totally agree with you!
    And we also have stopped watching TV and are very selective about our movies- which we only rent until we know if we like it and do not pay alot of money to go to the theatre but once or twice a year.

  • Debi & April

    Absolutely agree! What has happened to our morals? I am outraged that anyone would feel compassion for him, and none for the child.

  • Debi & April

    Absolutely agree! What has happened to our morals? I am outraged that anyone would feel compassion for him, and none for the child.

  • Debi & April

    Absolutely agree! What has happened to our morals? I am outraged that anyone would feel compassion for him, and none for the child.

  • Debi & April

    Absolutely agree! What has happened to our morals? I am outraged that anyone would feel compassion for him, and none for the child.

  • Debi & April

    Absolutely agree! What has happened to our morals? I am outraged that anyone would feel compassion for him, and none for the child.

  • Heather D.

    Well put! I was saying to my husband the other day, this Country, World for that matter is going in the direction where good behavior (religion, prayer, morals) is punished and bad behavior rewarded (polanski, vick, Kennedy and many many more). I'm very scared for my daughter, what kind of world did I bring her into?

    I'm tired of Holloywood's elite pushing their beliefs on us. It's easy for them to tell us how much we should be taxed when their incomes in a year are more than any of us receive in a lifetime. I'm tired of the scewed reports and misinformation we receive from the media. And now I'm just tired. Good night, and thanks for posting! It's comforting to know that others feel the same way.

  • Penelope

    Thank you ladies! It really makes me feel better to know there are plenty of others out there who are also upset/outraged.

    The idea that being "exiled" to Europe (the horror, the horror) where he lived his days continuing to have affairs with underaged girls (apparently this is ok in France?) and making movies and getting awards being "punishment enough" according to many celebrities just knocks me over.

  • Penelope

    Morgan, he is a movie producer/director that drugged and raped/sodomized a girl of about 13 years old, and admitted to it, but ran off to France in order to not go to jail here in the US…he admits to liking young girls, says that as long as there was no permanent damage to her, what is the problem? (mental anguish, devirginizing her, using someone like a piece of meat that you made practically unconscious against their will, these are not permanent damage to him)

    He makes movies like "The Pianist" that win lots of awards, women like Penelope Cruz star in his movies and adore him because he gets them nominated and awards too, and basically, Hollywood's elite that doesn't believe in marriage, having kids, monogamy (Cruz, Natalie Portman, Woody Alan, etc) are fully supporting him and calling Americans uptight and judgemental. Very sickening.

  • Penelope

    Caroline, does Sean Penn rant and rave about this specific topic? He is too loony. He also told Sienna Miller to marry her cheating fiance (told her we are all animals, not meant to be monogamous) and he apparently likes to disrespect his wife by entertaining hookers. He is just a very, very odd sort.

  • Penelope

    And this is one of the many, many reasons I don’t watch the Academy Awards or like any part of Hollywood.