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What I’m Binge-Watching On Netflix This Month + A New Show

After bingewatching a string of stellar new hows on Netflix recently, I found myself craving more. I couldn’t be left hanging, without something to look forward to, especially after the Office, Parks and Recreation, and a season of Master of None (I followed Aziz Ansari over from Parks and Rec and I’m so glad I did- this show is phenomenal!)

Master of None is a Netflix Original about a guy struggling to break into acting all figure out dating, all while fighting his perpetual fear of missing out on something better. Funny, funny, funny and I love that they delve into issues such as culture clashes, gender wars, and becoming parents with great heart and humor. Right now only one season is out, so it’s very easy to catch up on the ten, way too short episodes.

I created a list of other shows to check out, and watched the pilot of each. Oh my gosh, big mistake! Because NOW, I have to watch every episode of some other great shows ready and waiting on Netflix streaming, like…

1. Jane the Virgin – the premise is awesome, and not out of the realm of possibility at all, so I was quickly hooked. Jane is a devout Christian waiting until marriage who is accidentally inseminated with her boss’s sperm during what should have been a routine pap, because the gynecologist was reeling from discovering her girlfriend was cheating on her.

As though those weren’t enough twists, we get some more- that was his only sample after cancer left him sterile, so his only chance to have a biological child, and Jane’s boyfriend just proposed, not knowing she was pregnant. And that, my friends, was just episode one.

2. Glee – I’m embarrassed to admit this one because I’m so late to this party, but the pilot has me hooked and I get what the fuss is all about. I know I am going to be hooked to a staying-up-until-2am-on-schoolnights degree, but I’m glad to know I have something for a fix… what a fabulous show! And it’s multi-leveled and high energy… there is an aspect of comedy, but there are already serious issues, so it’s going to be a show that has depth as well, and I can’t wait to get lost in the world of Glee.

3. Friday Night Lights – I heard about this show a lot. And I heard great things. But a football shows? Eh. I just ignored the rave reviews.

But too many people love it, so I watched episode one, and it’s sooo not eh. It’s a great show, whether or not you like football… this is now up there for my must see TV this year, and is third in line for my binge-watching addiction.

And just for my own guilty little pleasure, I have to check out Santa Clarita Diet, rewatch 10 Things I Hate About You, and call my girlfriends over to drink wine and squeal over Magic Mike.

For my boys? Veggietales in the City! I’m so excited to start watching this with them once it releases later this month, keeping the Veggie Tales magic alive in this house- we love this show ♥︎

Let the good times begin!