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Seriously Pretty Nail Art

caviar nails manicure

pretty nail art

gold metallic nails

pretty spring manicure art

pretty bowtie nails

creative nail art

minnie mouse manicure style

pretty plaid manicure beauty

patent black nails

  • These are all so cute! The top one looks like sprinkles and is so unique!

  • Mom Foodie

    I like the Hello Kitty nails, and the tone on tone black nail polish.

  • The Tetris one is so cool!!

  • Marina

    are these nails are actually real? they look fake

  • demi

    from seeing that picture on previous posts… i’m pretty sure it is real sprinkles.

    they don’t last long though because you can’t use a top coat, or they melt ha.

  • Penelope

    this is actually a nail polish called caviar by ciate, isn’t it wonderful? it has all those fabulous “caviar” manicure beads!

  • YeahIRememberWhenIHadTimeForArt

    And people wonder why women only get paid for 70% of a workday!

  • Active Guy Computing

    As a guy, this seems like too much work! As a geek, the Tetris ones a cool.

  • Love the gold with the bows!!

  • Riss

    Maybe it’s because i’m a chubby monkey BUT the first one looks like they were inspired by a donut with sprinkles.

  • Those are some cool nails!

  • I love that first picture. And I didn’t know MAC made nail polish.

  • Wow, those are impressive.

  • Piggers

    The I love tetris, but it makes me cringe a bit imagining all the things those bits could get caught on and tear. It’s just asking for a bloody finger…

  • Wow your nails look amazing! These are so cute! I wish I could do these. Their all pin worthy!

  • My daughter would go nuts over the first one. Caviar by Ciate. I love the Hello Kitty.