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Gift Idea: Pretty Kindle and iPad Cases by Papier de Maison

I love my Kindle, and my son loves his iPad, and as someone who thinks protective gear for my tech gadgets should be as pretty as they are functional, I love the new Kindle and iPad cases from Papier de Maison. They come in six beautiful patterns, and they hold your Kindle or iPad together with a coordinating notepad and a pen/stylus. with a magnetic closure that folds over to keep your eReader or tablet secure.

kindle ipad cases pretty paper de maison

Why I love the iPad and Kindle cases from Papier de Maison

  • Keeps your tablet safer, covered and enclosed
  • Your device, a notepad, and a stylus are all in one place
  • Cases are available in six very stylish options
  • Can be converted into a stand by flipping case around and magnetically holding in place, and the device and notepad positions are interchangeable to suit a right or left handed person
  • Great price: only $20 for Kindle cases and $30 for iPad cases

These beautiful iPad and Kindle cases really do it all, by not only keeping your notepad and pen/stylus within reach while you research, plan, work or shop online, but the fact that they quickly and easily convert into a device stand so you can read, watch movies or type with it propped up for you is awesomee.

These make really beautiful gifts! To view the full line, including cases with Scripture, visit https://www.tabletcovershop.com/.

I was sent the Kindle and iPad cases featured in this post for the purpose of review. Opinions are 100% my own.