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A Look Back On 2018

2018 is over, and it has been a pretty marvelous, eventful, and interesting year. We did a lot and learned a lot, and I wanted to share some of my favorite new things at a glance. I will be talking more about those new things we were just beginning as we happily march into 2019! […]

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Do Your Children Believe In Santa Claus? Our Santa Update

Do our children believe in Santa Claus? We made the decision years ago not to actively teach our children about Santa Claus, and if they (on their own) expressed interest in the folklore surrounding him, we’d support it to the extent of their interest. We love good ol’ St. Nick (the Saint), but not so […]

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Autumn, Changes, Learning New Things – It’s Greek To Us!

This last week saw the sudden drop of temperatures around here, bringing us to that time of year where we wake up to a 45º F morning that requires heavy sweaters and coats, and later discover ourselves overdressed as we trudge home in the warmth of a 65º F autumn afternoon. It’s why layering was […]

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Getting Ready For Another School Year

The boys are starting school soon, and I have to admit I will miss them while they are in school. We enjoyed a lot of fun activities together this summer, including days at the pool and waterpark fun. How did the time fly so fast? I had so many more things planned, and the summer […]

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What The Boys Learned This Summer

We haven’t been around much this summer, but we are making our way back now that school it starting up again soon. We’ve been spending more time unconnected from electronics and more connected with doing things. At the start of summer, the boys had asked me to show them how to cook, sew, and a […]

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