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Watercolor Painting and Drawing With Kids

Painting has always been something I loved, yet it was only recently that I started dabbling in watercolor painting. I traditionally favored oil painting, but since the boys are a little young (and impatient) for such an unwashable, slow-drying art medium, I decided to start with watercolors, gouache, and acrylic paint with them, as well […]

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Bibliophilism and Legoholics

Typically, a mom who find her sons staying up past their bedtime would be annoyed. But, if she finds them sneakily disregarding bedtime lights out rules to read a book, then… well, my heart melted. I don’t mind a little rule-breaking when it’s to read. It’s naughtiness I am on board with, and in fact, […]

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If You Can’t Play Nice, Play Hockey

Hockey is an incredibly popular sport, both in the United States and Canada, but it wasn’t the sport I grew up loving in my family as a kid. We watched and played baseball, football, and soccer. I always just assumed my boys would end up on some softball teams during their elementary years, maybe some […]

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A Look Back On 2018

2018 is over, and it has been a pretty marvelous, eventful, and interesting year. We did a lot and learned a lot, and I wanted to share some of my favorite new things at a glance. I will be talking more about those new things we were just beginning as we happily march into 2019! […]

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Do Your Children Believe In Santa Claus? Our Santa Update

Do our children believe in Santa Claus? We made the decision years ago not to actively teach our children about Santa Claus, and if they (on their own) expressed interest in the folklore surrounding him, we’d support it to the extent of their interest. We love good ol’ St. Nick (the Saint), but not so […]

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