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The Rewards Of Traveling

I’m a millennial, that fabulous group otherwise known as Generation Y who are currently between the ages of 18 and 34. We are a very interesting group who are incredibly well versed in technology while also being hard working and civic minded. We think both locally and globally, and frankly, it’s a great generation to […]

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Pack Light And Carry A Big Passport

When we venture out into the world, we want to tread lightly and carry a big camera. It helps if we pack lightly, and thanks to my purple Atlantic Ultra LITE 3 spinner, a super light (only 7.2 lbs) carry-on size piece of luggage with an extendable handle and wheels, I can…and in style! Read […]

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100% All Natural Family Adventure In Gulf County

We are a family that typically vacations once a year, but now that our children are no longer babies, we want to take family trips more often. We look for family vacation ideas that are great for a family of four with two children under five, and we want to relax, be outdoors, and see […]

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A Manhattan Getaway

My husband has been wanting to take me away a while. Just some time away from our daily lives and chores, which I thought it sounded like a great idea, but the search for the perfect hotel, the planning, etc seemed overwhelming for us when we are already always so frazzled. Then I found some […]

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