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Introducing the Café Matte Collection by GE

I’ve been wanting a kitchen make-over (maybe kind of need one?) and the Café Matte Collection by GE caught my eye. It’s gorgeous, sleek, and sort of makes my kitchen smarter with useful conveniences I wonder how I’ve been living without. The Café suite of customizable appliances would allow you to update your appliances to fit the latest trends and style preferences in a more affordable way, and it comes in both matte white and matte black.

The matte white color is not only trendy (love the lack of shine- it means I see less fingerprints), but I have a thing now for light colors in the home lately. I love how open the space looks, with lighter colors opening up the room more and light bouncing around everywhere, and I LOVE the option for gold knobs and handles! I think the dreary cold weather and shorter days puts me in the mood for lighter appliances in a major way and the stylish trim would make it feel like a whole room makeover.

The matte black appliances are also gorgeous, and traditionally I always preferred darker colors (because let’s be honest, they do look great). Since I’ve always chosen dark before I’m going to try white appliances this time around, but for those of you still in the mood to be surrounded by those amazingly rich, darker shades, the matte black is for you! Look how great it looks:

There are various options for trim color, and I think the ones in Best Buy’s images are the best match for each set color. The Cafe Matte Collection Appliances are available at Best Buy and the customizable hardware offers four metals to choose from. There is a double wall oven, which can save both time and money (less space needing to be heated up, and it heats up faster, and I’ve never seen one that opened this way before, like cabinet drawers), a stunning French Door refrigerator with outside access to a quick, cool drink, a matching dishwasher, and more. I love the sleek, sophisticated lines and colors of this new collection of modern kitchen appliances ♥︎

The new Café Matte Collection by GE is distinct by design, bringing ultra-premium to the masses so we can all cook stylishly 🙂

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