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A Silent Auction To Help Save Lives

Breast cancer has strongly affected my family in the last few years, a sudden, most unwelcome jolt in our lives that caused major disruption and stress that lasted for two years straight. Before we went through the shock of discovering many women in our family have the BRCA2 mutation, I honestly never thought too much about breast cancer and it’s impact on so many, other than to donate here and there when asked at work. It just wasn’t something I felt would ever impact my life in such an overwhelming way.

Too many wonderful women, loved, valued, with so much to live for, have faced a battle with this terrible disease, and too many have lost. One in eight women will have breast cancer, and it’s not dependent on a family history. As a result of witnessing first hand the immense effect a breast cancer diagnosis can have on all the members of a family, I’ve become interested in helping others going on this same confusing, painful journey.

Early detection saves lives

We need early diagnosis, early treatment, and lots of education. These are the best ways to save the lives of anyone affected by breast cancer, and the Breast Cancer Alliance is dedicated to saving lives with early detection. On October 30th, the Breast Cancer Alliance is holding a silent auction to raise funds and keep helping.


The Silent Auction

The Breast Cancer Alliance is holding a silent auction on October 30th, a special event from 11am – 2pm at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich in Connecticut that includes a fashion show, raffles, silent auction, and live auction, plus a keynote address by Patty “Steele” from WCBS FM and Dr. Elisa Port from The Dubin Center at Mt. Sinai.

Please register to participate in the Silent Auction, helping to raise money for breast cancer treatment and prevention, on October 30th, 2018. Visit here to learn more and to register. There is no obligation to bid, but there are so many fun items being auctioned off that you may just decide to! Look at these:

* A private, docent-led tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

* A deluxe overnight stay at the Weekapaug Inn in Rhode Island, winner of multiple awards including Condé Nast Traveler “Readers’ Choice Award”

* A two night stay and a couple rounds of golf at Stowe Mountain Lodge and Stowe Mountain Club Golf Course

* Multiple luxury, full-body spa visits, luxury handbags, photo shoots, and more!


You can also donate to the Breast Cancer Alliance directly, without bidding on a prize. If you’ve been affected by breast cancer, or love someone who has, this is a great way to help others who will face the same diagnosis. Join the Breast Cancer Alliance on Facebook to learn more about what makes the Breast Cancer Alliance unique and effective. The Breast Cancer Allians is a small organization, transparent, and cares. They will make sure you know exactly where your money is going, and work to use your donation in a most impactful way.