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The Peanuts Movie Review #FandangoFamily

This weekend we went to see The Peanuts Movie. It was opening weekend, and we were soo excited, so we invited a friend along, and set out for the movies on a beautiful autumn day here in New York. The boys were jumping up and down with excitement as we walked to the theater. We were all very excited to see the long-anticipated The Peanuts Movie.

autumn day

The Peanuts Movie Review

Who were the moviegoers? I took my two boys (ages 3 and 6) and a friend of theirs (Michael, 6), along with a total of three parents ages 32-39.

Our favorite family movies: Past favorite movies include It’s A Wonderful Life, Star Wars (all of them), and anything with SpongeBob and Curious George.

My personal favorite movies: Some Like It Hot, Good Will Hunting, and Braveheart

The Peanuts Movie story:

Charlie Brown is a good guy who just never seems to get it right, but when the little Red-Headed girl moves next door, he goes out all trying to get her attention. Standardized tests, talent shows, school dances- elementary school is tough, especially when you’re in love. So, does Charlie Brown get the girl (after all these years)? Watch to find out!

What parents will like: Everything about them movie was good- it was funny, the storylines were engaging for adults too, and I was reminded of all the storylines from the older Peanuts movies and comic strips. As a parent, the ending was especially awesome- it teaches lessons that are important for children.

What kids will like: Funny, funny, funny! My kids couldn’t stop laughing at the very child friendly humor and silliness. They love the Peanuts gangs adventures, Snoopy’s romantic storyline, Woodstock’s antics, jokes about Pig Pen, and more.

Concerns: None, this movie is extremely child friendly.

Rating on a scale of 1-5 Buckets Of Popcorn I give this movie a 5! We all loved it, and we plan to watch it in the theater again with other friends. The animation was cute, the multiple story lines kept us interested, and the fact that the emphasis of the movie was that Charlie Brown was a good guy, a good brother, a good friend, all made it even better.

Positive themes: Charlie Brown is good-hearted and loyal, something that is pointed out to him when he expresses doubt about his worthiness. He’s a good big brother, a positive friend, honest, and brave…he’s a great role model and a great example to children.

Violence/scare factor: 1/5 None, unless you consider slipping on a puddle of spilled punch scary?

Sex/Romance: 1/5 The concept of romance was present, the idea of a “crush”, but there was no physical contact among the characters at all.

Bad language: 1/5 The word stupid is used, and it doesn’t get worse than that.

See The Peanuts Movie preview here!

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