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BOOK CLUB: This Is Where I Leave You #TIWILY #TIWILYbookclub

Books are almost always better than their film version, but that never stops me from watching the cinematic manifestation of a book I love, and I’m often thrilled to see the characters brought to life and relive those moments in the book that impacted me. I especially love it when the movie is wonderful too, and I’m looking forward to watching the book-to-film release of This Is Where I Leave You on September 19th.

this is where I leave you book club

I love books, I love movies, and I love getting together with my friends, so when I was asked to host a book club with four friends to discuss the New York Times Bestseller This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper, I knew it was a great opportunity for some fun! It’s rare these days that I can just sit with a good book and a cup of coffee and read, and the bibliophile in me craved it. The movie is hitting theaters September 19th, so I am able to join the Warner Bros. Picture book discussion on the film’s facebook page in the meantime. They hold it every Wednesday with the hashtag #TIWILY, and participants have the chance to win signed movie posters and a trip to the premiere in Hollywood!

Are you looking for a good book to read, and do you love to read the book version of great films? This is definitely the book that should be on your end of summer Reading List. You will be engrossed from the first words in this sometimes sad, often funny page turner:

“Dad’s dead”, Wendy says offhandedly, like it’s happened before, like it happens everyday.

The movie stars an award-winning ensemble cast, including Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, and Jane Fonda. The basic plot: after those fateful first words announcing the demise of dad, four siblings (now grown) return to their childhood home for a pivotal week in their lives to deal with each other, their mom, significant others (past and present), and thoughts of what might have been. The characters are familiar and recognizable, and from the very beginning I felt like I was in the story, a sibling, experiencing and understanding it all.

It’s easy to see why the book in a bestseller…the movie looks terrific too. Watch the trailer:

And join the book club! Like the film on facebook and then join in on their Wednesday #TIWILY Book Club posts to chat about the story and have a chance to win!

Have you read This Is Where I Leave You yet? I’ll be sharing some photos and thought from my get-together with girlfriends after we read our books (we each got a copy along with moleskin notebooks to write down some impressions and opinions- and we are a group that loves to talk and debate!). Stay tuned, and please join in if you are reading the book too!

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  • I just saw the trailer for this last weekend while watching another movie and thought it looked like a great movie… didn’t know it was adapted from a book. I like reading the book before watching the movie when I can so I’ll check it out.

  • That looks like it’s going to be such a fun movie. Everything seems to be adapted from a book or story now a days.

  • I would love to read this book. I haven’t read a good book in awhile and I love it when they are turned into movies.

  • This is the first I’ve heard of TIWILY, interesting!

  • Penelope

    I can send you my copy once I’m done (I’ve halfway through), let me know! Then we can chat about it too and compare it to the movie 🙂

  • Yay, we’re reading the same book! I’m thoroughly hooked on it already.

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of This Is Where I Leave You, it looks really interesting!

  • I’m not a reader at all so if I know anything about a title, it’s because I saw the movie about it. Sounds like an interesting story!

  • I haven’t read this book. I’d like to read it and see the movie.

  • Sounds like a really interesting story!

  • I haven’t heard of this book, sounds good though! I wish we had a book club near me, cause I think it would be fun to do! I love the cover of this book!

  • I do love a good book. I like to read them before I see the movie though.

  • Oh my gosh…you have me like an eager beaver wanting this book and now I can’t wait to watch this movie! I love a good book and movie as you already know from my blog.

  • I haven’t read this book yet – I’m interested in it though – I have a couple of trips coming up and I always read on the plane!

  • I’ll have to read this before watching the movie. I agree with you that most of the time the book is better than the film. 🙂

  • I always love to read the book first if I know a movie is coming out.

  • I’m a fan of books that have become movies. It’s fun to see how an author’s work is reimagined for film. I prefer to read the book first, so I’m going to need to pick this one up quickly.

  • Ok, I want to check it out… It looks like it’s going to be fun!

  • I have not read this yet, but news of it has been making the rounds on social media. I am going to have to check it out.

  • Sounds like a great cast! With the release date coming up so soon, I’m likely going to hold off on reading the book until after seeing the movie. I don’t want to be disappointed!

  • I saw the trailer for this movie recently and was very interested. I would really love to read the book before seeing the film.

  • After reading your review and a few others online, I bought the book and read it. In 3 days. It should have only taken me 2, but I was kinda busy. I found it interesting reading it through a man’s perspective. I thought it was pretty good.