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Generate Positive Energy, Starting With Your Home

It’s been almost two years since we’ve bought our home, and we’ve gone through a great deal of changes. In fact, there is really not much left on our home that is original…we renovated, improved, restored, and we still have quite a bit we’d like to do. Something we’ve been considering are solar panels, because they are not only environmentally conscious, but can add up to great savings over the years, and they look pretty sleek on homes today.

We started researching our options through Sungevity, because they offers friendly, concierge-like service that we appreciate. We contacted them to get an iQuote and receive personalized information about our options savings and system design, and learn about the environmental impact as well. We are noticing a lot of homes in our own area, beautiful homes, adding solar panels, and it doesn’t interfere in the aesthetics of their home design. In our case, our roof is so high we won’t even be able to see them.

We plan to stay in our home for many years, so we care about the beauty of our home, and we want to invest in improvements that will enhance our quality of life, make us less dependent on energy sources that aren’t that fabulous for our environment, and we also don’t mind saving some money either. We already replaced all the windows in our home with higher quality windows, invested in motorized cellular shades to help insulate our home in a beautiful way, and we are in the midst about a great deal more work. Our home is our castle, and we are proud to build it up in a way that defines who we are.

Sungevity is focused on providing the best solar power experience, and they are very happy to dispel common myths about home solar, such as “Solar Power” is too expensive. You know what’s expensive? Utility costs. Until we owned our home, we never realized how much- holy moley! And it fluctuates monthly, so we don’t know when we are going to face another month with a whammo bill. Solar energy can actually help families who have bills in excess of $150 a month (like us), and I’ve seen the bills of people with solar panels, so we know we are getting them, because I can think of much better ways to spend my money than on utilities.

I also assumed solar panels would be a real eyesore, until I started to realize some of the more regal and elegant homes in my neighborhood were beginning to bear these environmentally-advanced badges with great style…here is an example:

beautiful home with solar panels

Today’s solar panels can really blend in beautifully.

Interested in learning more? Fill out the iQuote form for personalized information regarding option for solar panels for your own home. Sungevity is running a $500 off all systems promotion for the remainder of this month (ends September 30th) and Sungevity currently offers services in the following states: CA, CO, CN, MA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, DC, NM, and VT. You may find solar power is a perfect match for your home, and Sungevity can answer all your questions and help you navigate this new way of powering your home while saving money and helping the environment!

This is a partnered post with Sungevity

  • Solar Panels aren’t incredibly popular here in our area (which is crazy because TX gets SO much sun!). We were interested in a house that was solar powered when we were house hunting last year, but alas it got sold before we had a chance to look at it and put an offer in.

  • I think solar panels are a wonderful idea. I personally would LOVE to use them in my home. I think more people would consider it if we can find that it’s reasonably priced.

  • I love the idea of it. I don’t know of any homes in my area that do solar panels, but I’m going to look into it.

  • Yeah the panels look fine on that house and what a nice house it is. I would love the savings. We have a lot to do to our new home too.

  • I would love to install solar panels, the prices can be steep though.

  • I would love to have solar panels on our house. What a money saver and so much more energy efficient.

  • I know it would be a great investment. We will one day I’m sure

  • If we owned our own home, solar is definitely something I’d look into. Love that they save a ton but don’t make the house ugly.

  • WE are hoping to be in our country home within the next couple of years. We’ve talked about solar panels when we do. I hope we can see more homes with them to try and make homes more energy efficient. We still have to get new windows in our home.

  • When I buy my own house, I will install solar panels. I’ll also do other things to be more self sufficient.

  • The house across the street just put those on. I noticed it yesterday!

  • Penelope

    Me too, I just noticed another house in my neighborhood sporting these and I got an email from Sungevity letting me know to join the club 🙂 Well, we are ready to! I hope before the end of summer we have them up.

  • I would totally have solar panels on my home if er had a house. It’s a big energy saver too.

  • We were thinking about getting solar panels ( a lot of our neighbors have them), but we’re just not ready yet.

  • I’ll have to consider this when I buy a home, as I’m not a fan of the $200+ utility bills.

  • You’re right! I had to go back and really look to see the solar panels. In my mind, I picture them as big, bulky, and taking away from the beauty of the home.

  • I would LOVE to further explore the idea of getting solar panels. We definitely pay a very hefty price for electricity, especially during the hot summer months.

  • There are a few things I’d like to change here, solar panels would be pretty amazing.

  • I would love to make use of solar panels too, someday when we find our forever home.