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This Summer Is Going To Be LEGENDARY #SummerOfGroupon

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Summer of Groupon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My sister loves Groupon, and would always tell me about great deals she found there. In particular, she loves beauty deals, like laser hair removal and getting her hair styled. I didn’t really know what Groupon was, and didn’t bother to look into it, because, well, I didn’t realize how much money it would have saved me. At places I already shop and eat at. For years. 200 million worldwide subscribers knew, and were already saving money.

What is Groupon?

Groupon is a global leader of local commerce…this translates into —> Groupon is where you look first when you want to buy something. Chances are, they have it at a much better price, including local deals (or deals where ever you plan to head). And they have so much, like home goods, restaurant deals, adventures (kayaking, trapeze flying, and sky diving!!), family water parks, amazing getaways, and a lot more. Their marketplace place is big and wide and tall with deals that are often more than half off. Sign up for free, buy only what you want, and your smart phone keeps the deals on your Groupon app with a little bar code that they scan when it’s time to pay, so you get your awesome deal. Easy.

So now that I know, this family is going to be having a blast this summer!

guzman family

The folks over at Groupon invited me to participate in a special contest to see who can have the best summer with Groupons. Over the next four weeks, follow me as I try lots of new things and prove (to myself especially) that I haven’t lost my fun side, I can still have a blast and try (sometimes scary) new things!

It will be a summer of exciting adventures and great food and fun times for us, and I plan to share it all, especially when I snag a great deal. Groupon is running a seven week summer promotion featuring deals to encourage you to get out there and have an EPIC SUMMER, thousands of deals in ten different categories in their Summer Shop. I really think this is going to be our most awesome summer ever!

So far, we’ve taken the boys to Bounce! Trampoline, which is having a great deal right now for over 50% off entrance price to all its attractions (trampoline basketball? bouncy volleyball? a swim tubs full of foamy sponges? even all the dads were geting into it!)

playing at bounce trampoline-6
playing at bounce trampoline-5

playing at bounce trampoline-5

playing at bounce trampoline-6

Have you checked out the deals on Groupon yet? You should get the app, it’s an easy way to see your local deals at a glance, with an Instagram-like feed you can quickly scroll through for ideas if you don’t want to hit the search button and look for something specific. There is just no way you can be bored this summer…Groupon guarantees it, and they are giving out big prizes so you may get even more than you imagined.

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  • How fun! Looks like you all are already having a great time thanks to Groupon. It is amazing the deals you can find on there.

  • Yes, I’m always looking for deals on Groupon for me and the boychild.

  • It’s been a while since we’ve used or even checked Groupon. Seems like you’ll have a full summer of fun!

  • Penelope

    I only just joined, I had no idea what it was about…I can’t believe how much they offer, with continuously new deals (no wonder my sister is addicted, lol)

  • I think I have used Groupon like once…..But I loved how much I saved when I did, so I need to keep checking it.

    Those pics of your boys are just precious!! Looks like that had an absolute blast 🙂

  • I think I found a groupon that is a must buy for me and hubby==Coldstone Creamery, Yum Yum. Your sons are so cute!

  • Penelope

    Oh my gosh, that is DEFINITELY a good one 🙂 And thanks Karen!

  • We have used Groupon quite a few times to get good deals. The most recent was a Sam’s Club membership, which also got us a $20 gift card to use in the store!

  • I love Groupon! I’ve gotten great deals from restaurants to spa services to meat packages from a local butcher. Oh, and an Ybor City ghost tour as well.

  • I just went to the chiropractor TODAY on a local groupon – I feel amazing. I am hooked!

  • I’m not a part of Groupon though I should join, thanks for the info!

  • Looks like a blast! I am a major Groupon fan!

  • I haven’t been keeping an eye on Groupon for a while. That trampoline place looks fun!

  • I use Groupon from time to time and really love the deals I find- I didn’t know they had a Summer Shop!

  • This looks like so much fun! I always forget to check Groupon but I should check those summer deals.

  • I LOVE Groupon!!!! I use it all the time from getting deals on food to different activities to do. One of my favorite things.

  • Love Groupon. I use it all the time.

  • I love using Groupon to check out new activities around town! I didn’t even know they had a summer section specifically.

  • Awesome! One of my other friends is part of this legendary groupon summer fun event!! I look forward to following your SUMMER OF FUN activities. 🙂

  • I’ve gotten a couple good deals on Groupon. I need to check out what is available for local kid friendly activities.

  • Ok, I love that you’ll be choosing to do things that are new and exciting. I need to see if Groupon has anything interesting here.

  • What a fun contest! I see so many great Groupon deals, and we have taken advantage of a few of them

  • I haven’t checked out Groupon in a long time and I think I’ve only used it once and that was 18 months ago for an intro photography class for my daughter and I.

    Looks like your boys had a blast!

  • Penelope

    I only recently became familiar with it and I love it so far…there are getaways at beautiful villas for less than $500 over a three day holiday weekend..that was pretty good!

  • It’s been WAY too long since I checked out Groupon- I bet I could find some great deals for things to do with my boys too! Thanks for the idea!

  • My sister is a huge Groupon fan and is always keeping me up to date on great local deals. They really do have some fabulous offers!