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What Guys Want #SummerOfGroupon

This post brought to you by Summer of Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine.

Life flies by too fast, so my husband and I agreed that when the opportunity for something really fun on our bucket list comes up, we should just go for it. He said if we ever hit the lottery jackpot, he’d want to buy a Ferrari, and would love to just drive one around at a super fast speed one day, just to have the experience.

I found a deal on Groupon for half off a high-speed drive in a Ferrari or Lamborghini at Gotham Dream Cars, where you can basically pick the super-expensive, luxury sports car of your dreams that you want to drive (the type of car my husband would never own unless we hit the lottery), and surprised him with it. I’d say he was pretty thrilled (to say the least).

driving dream car ferrari

speeding around in a ferrari

ferrari dream ride

speeding around in ferrari

first ferrari ride

While the rest of us watched, my husband raced around a track multiple times as fast as he dared, and each time he passed us we saw the biggest grin on his face as he sped past. Gotham Dream Cars photographed and videotaped him for posterity, while we relaxed in the makeshift bleachers area provided by Gotham Dreams, with shade and water bottles and lots of excitement among those waiting their turn for their thrill ride.

His first words after it was over: “Yep, I’m gonna buy this car if I win”.

And then he bragged to his friends at work that his wife got him a cool adventure (I’m the cool wife 🙂 )

We were invited to participate in Groupon’s blogger campaign to experience our best summer ever, and it really is. It’s so much fun to see my family enjoying themselves, doing things they’ve never tried before, and more to come…visit the Summer Shop here.

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  • Now that is cool, if I do say so myself! I think my husband would really enjoy a helicopter ride or drive a tank!

  • Yay for being a cool wife 🙂 So glad that he liked it so much!

  • That looks like he did have a blast, I know my husband would love this!

  • Yeah I could see a lot of men wanting that!! lol

  • My husband isn’t much of a car person, but I know wouldn’t mind taking a spin in one! 🙂

  • That sounds like so much fun! My husband would love to do that!

  • He looks very, very happy! I know my husband would enjoy it too!

  • That is so awesome! I didn’t even know things like that existed on Groupon. What guy wouldn’t love that?

  • What a great campaign. Looks like he had an amazing time testing out that car!!

  • I can tell you guys are having a blast!

  • My husband would LOVE this, too! Going to check it out!

  • I would love to do this. I believe I was a race car driver in a past life, lol.