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Create A Snack Pantry + Fill It With Healthy Snacks That Nourish

This year was spent renovating our home, and our kitchen received a big overhaul in the process. I specifically added a corner shelf on one side with the intention of filling it with healthy snacks for my family to enjoy whenever they want, without having to find me. It needed to be a space that was easily within reach (no matter how short you are), filled with utensils and bowls that were safe in case dropped, and serving-sized healthy snacks they could grab anytime they were hungry and wanted to nosh, without my worrying about anything breaking or spilling.

a healthy snack pantry

How To Create A Healthy Snack Pantry

☘ Choose an easy to reach spot that anyone in the family can reach when they are hungry

☘ Fill it up with healthy snacks that you are happy with your family snacking on (nothing artificial or lacking in nutritional value)

☘ Stock it with napkins and utensils so everything is in one easy place (no need to rummage through other drawers and shelves) and check about once a week to make sure it’s well stocked

I finally put our pantry together, and started to fill it with snacks that were healthy, starting with Nourish Snacks from Joy Bauer. Nourish is a new line of snack options that are all non-GMO and gluten free. There is nothing artificial in Nourish snacks, no dairy either, so anyone who wants an easy and very delicious snack that is sensitive to dairy or gluten can safely enjoy too. We have quite a few friends who can’t have anything with gluten or have children who are lactose-intolerant or on gluten-free diets, and we love now being able to offer them yummy snacks (and so many choices!) when they come over to visit.

nourish snacks

nourish snacks-3

It’s no surprise these are listed on Kathie Lee and Hoda’s favorite things of the year! Nourish Snacks partnered with FoodFight to build a curriculum in school teaching children about nutrition, and they donate snacks and employee volunteer time as well. Creator Joy Bauer is a NY Times best-selling author and nutrition and health expert for NBC’s Today Show, and she founded Heart-Smart Kids Program for underprivileged kids in Harlem, so in addition to caring about our health, Nourish Snacks is socially active as well.

I particularly love being able to tell anyone who is hungry between meals to head to the snack pantry and help themselves (I’m a busy mom), and no more temptations to munch on junk food when such tasty snacks are available. Everything in the snack pantry is portioned as a snack so it won’t ruin anyone’s appetite. And my personal favorite snacks? The King Korn, which I can snack on all day (and am now officially addicted to) and the Apple Pie snacks, comprised of dried apple pieces covered in cinnamon and salted walnuts…yum!

Discover the 35 snack blends available from Nourish, and take 10% off your order with the code PENELOPE. All have been crafted by Joy and her team of nutritionists and all are healthy, nutritious, and delicious, with nuts, fruits, and more, and all naturally seasoned with spices and sea salt. These snacks provide fiber, antioxidants, protein, and vitamins…no B.S.!

Do you have a healthy snack pantry for your family?

  • Cute idea and very practical. Although, we couldn’t have one so accessible. My children are hungry just about every 3.5 seconds so we have to keep the snacks where they can’t reach them. But you little cabinet is adorable!

  • Those look really good! I don’t have a healthy snack pantry, but now I am thinking about it and might have to create one! Great idea!

  • I’ve never had snacks from Nourish, but they looks delicious! I’m always trying to make sure my kids snack healthy. Thanks for the brand! Can’t wait to try them out.

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  • Those look like some great snacks! I love having a healthy pantry of snacks too.

  • Those are some great tips. If I provide healthy snacks, the kids will eat them. If I provide junky, artificial snacks, the kids will eat them. I need to check out Nourish.

  • I like having a fruit bowl or a bowl or nuts. We do keep raisins handy. Our children like to munch on frozen blueberries which are pretty easy to access too.

  • Oh wow, these sound so good. I like the idea of a healthy pantry, tasty and handy.

  • I wish my kids and hubby would actually eat the healthy snacks.

  • I love healthy snacks. I’ve never heard of this brand, though.

  • I need one of these for my kids and myself what a great idea.