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Got Kids? Then Your Car Could Use PERK Vent Wraps (Giveaway)

This post brought to you by PERK. All opinions are 100% mine.

I spend about 3 hours a day in my car, and I’m used to finding crumbs and messes in the car seats (the result of having two kids who need to be kept fed while driving around). The worst is coming into my car and wondering what the heck smells, and trying to find what food (or worse) they dropped into one of the crevices of the car. I don’t often succeed, and the ride for a few days is not pleasant. Maybe it’s just a rite of passage of having kids?

Luckily, there is a solution. PERK Vent Wrap air freshener is a new brand of sleek, innovative auto air fresheners that is discreet (“Invisibly Fresh”) and will make everyone wonder why your car smells so good. No more swinging pine trees blocking your view while driving, mounted on your car door, or sliding back and forth on your dashboard.

perk air fresheners

Patent-pending layered StediScent® technology provides long-lasting fragrance without having to adjust it, and it’s wonderful without being overwhelming. It’s hidden under a soft, protective black cover that is shaped to fit onto one of the vent slots without interfering in air flow or blocking the functionality of the vents. They are individually sealed, and teeny:


Vent Wrap is available in a variety of wonderful fragrances, and right now, I am loving the Golden Vanilla PERK vent air freshener. You can place one on your vent and store the rest… after about 2 weeks, replace your Vent Wrap with a new one, fresh out of the wrapper. Each 4 pack will provide you with 60 days of fabulous fragrance. I love how compact and easy to use they are.

PERK Vent Wraps are discreet, individually wrapped and easy to use, deliver just the right amount of fragrance thanks to StediScent® technology, do not block air flow or the driver’s view of the road, and there are no worries about spills or leaks. Each pack lasts 60 days, and you can pick from any of these fragrances: Lush Valley, cool Absolute Zero, delicious Golden Vanilla, fresh Clean Laundry, and smooth New Car! They are available at Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, Target, and retailers that sell automotive air fresheners.

Vent without PERK Vent Wrap:

car air vent

Vent with PERK Vent Wrap:

PERK vent wrap air freshener

You can barely see it, and can still adjust the vent’s air flow… and there is a LOT of wonderful fragrance coming out of that little thing- Love it!

Win 6 months of PERK Vent Wrap

Want to win a set of your own, deliciously fragrant, discreet, awesome PERK Vent Wrap air fresheners? Tell me why your car needs a PERK Vent Wrap! Share on facebook, twitter, or pinterest for additional entries, and leave me links to your shares below (open to US 18+). Good luck!

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  • Cool idea! We’ve used cotton balls with essential oils and that works well too.

  • Amy Orvin

    We eat a lot in the car and need something to eliminate those pesky food odors.

  • Chuck B.

    To keep the car smelling fresh and new.

  • Sounds like an awesome air freshener!! We are in need of some, so I am off to check them out!

  • Katy P

    We have three little ones and have to carry a potty around for the ones training- so we could use some air freshening.

  • Heather!

    My car is OLD. Seriously…we call her Old Betsy, and she is twenty, nearly twenty-one, years old. That means there is at least a couple of decades worth of mystery in her vents. Sometimes she doesn’t smell so sweet! These would so great to try! And I know Old Betsy would feel better, too. 🙂

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  • Heather!

    I shared this on FB!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  • Laura

    We’ll soon be purchasing a new (to us) car, and we’d love to have a nice fresh scent every time we open the door to our new vehicle! Not to mention our current vehicle needs all the love it can get- it accumulates so much trash and food crumbs throughout the week it’s not even funny!

  • I used to smoke in my car. Now I’ve quit, but the smell just won’t! I’d love to give this a try!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • Oh heavens! My car definitely needs this and more, LOL. But we will start with these! They sound really yummy smelling!

  • nannypanpan

    cause I have 3 messy kids that leave dirty stuff behind

  • Marci

    I have an older car which means that the smells tend to be a bit permanent. It would be nice to have a pleasant aroma in my car!

  • My car needs a PERK Vent Wrap because with a baby in diapers and a dog, our car can start smelling pretty stinky.

  • Trisha Burgess

    Because I love the smell of a new car and I have a nine year old daughter so it no longer smells new!!

  • Michele P

    Hubby’s vehicle desperately needs this… between funky wet boot/sock odors, chemical odors from floor stripper and stuff that he was supposed to have for lunch that is fermenting in a bag someplace in the back seat area, I really don’t want to go into his car unless I have to…so Perking up his car with fragrance would be great!

  • My husband’s car has this lingering odor of crayons and socks. I’m not sure why as we neither take our shoes off in the car nor have any kind of crayons in it. It is what it is, but man could we use some freshener like this in it!

  • I am a person who loves things to smell pretty! So I am in desperate need of a pretty scent for our car, as I am out!

  • natalie yeoman

    my brother uses the car and it smells like smoke its very nasty

  • Cause we’re stinky an we need to smell fresh!

  • I actually like the way these smell & I am uber fussy.

  • clarissa

    I drive a huge vehicle with 7 kids in it