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10 Fun Summer Learning Activities

Learning loss is a summer phenomenon where kids tend to forget some of what they are learning in school over a long, lazy hot summer of mindless fun. Summers should be fun, children need a break, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! Here is a round up of activities that are fun for kids, and teach them at the same time.

10 fun summer learning activities

Water Balloon Phonics

Stick Math

Experiments with Dry Ice

Maple Helicopter Seed Pod Butterflies

Baking Soda and Vinegar Science Experiments

Summer Brain Games

Number Sense Game

Foam Block Spelling

Hieroglypic Alphabet Magnets

Flag Craft Flash Cards

Happy summer!

  • You are so right; summer is a time when kids aren’t in school mode at all. It’s a great idea to find fun and enjoyable learning activities. Wonderful roundup!

  • Great list! I pinned it! You have to be so creative with activities in the summer since it’s so hot here in TX.

  • We try to homeschool through the summer, though we seemed to take a lot of July off. They do tend to forget and then there’s tons of review when they go back, that’s why I wanted us to continue to skip all the review…it gets boring for them.

  • What a fun list of educational activities. My kids always get a real kick out of dry ice.