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SHUTTER|bag Girls Day Out Camera Bag Review

My new photography hobby necessitated me getting a camera bag for my beloved dSLR camera, and fast, otherwise I was either never going to take my camera out the door (and miss a lot of shots), or take it out and risk damaging it as it flopped around in my handbag or was tossed around in my car. Not happening. So the hunt for the perfect camera bag was on.

SHUTTERbag girls day out camera bag

I chose the Girls Day Out camera bag from SHUTTER|bag in grey. The options were limited (green or grey at time of publishing), and the grey has a sort of green tinge to it, so I had doubts, but it’s neutral enough to go with my overall wardrobe. The Girls Day Out camera bag is a large bag designed for moms on the go, with a middle compartment for your camera gear, two side compartments for diaper supplies, an iPad, etc, and two outer pockets with magnet closures on one side, and a smaller zippered pocket on the other.

SHUTTERbag girls day out camera bag

SHUTTER|bag Girls Day Out Camera Bag: The Good

1. It’s leather After spending almost $200 on a Kelly Moore non-leather bag (the b-Hobo), I appreciate this even more, because not only was the KM camera bag a disaster (less attractive in person, stiff material and smallish opening made pulling out my camera difficult, and the outside pockets were teeny, rigid, and useless), but seriously overpriced for what it was. I sold that bag on eBay.

2. It’s roomy There is plenty of room in the middle camera compartment for my D700 and any other things I’d like to put in there, like a wallet and sunglasses, but I wouldn’t really use it for other camera supplies (see “The Bad” below). The two outside pockets are fabulously big- I can fit my keys and iPhone with Otterbox Defender in one and still have room.

3. It’s attractive I expected a lot of compliments on it, but it’s pretty big with the camera inside and so far all I’ve heard are comments on my “luggage” 🙂 but the truth is, it’s a great looking bag that I happen to overload.

SHUTTER|bag girls day out camera bag

SHUTTER|bag Girls Day Out Camera Bag: The Bad

1. The padding in the camera compartment is minimal The adjustable dividers are padded, and that is it. I wouldn’t put any camera gear on either end of the camera compartment because there is no padding there at all, and not much to speak of on top or bottom. The Girls Day Out camera bag is for your day out with your kids, not for professional use at all, because you won’t be happy if you drop this bag and it lands on its side with an expensive lens or flash inside.

2. Few pockets The two side compartments do not have any pockets inside, which would have been appreciated. A single zippered pocket or two open pockets, anything to help organize a few more tidbits for the busy mom with lots to carry about, would have made this bag almost perfect.

In the end, I really like the Girls Day Out by ShutterBag for the momtographer. It’s beautiful, roomy, and good quality, but a bit pricey and limited in color options. I wouldn’t recommend it for professional use because of the insufficient protection, but I’m a hobbyist so it suits my needs for now (and I make sure to keep my camera in the very center with dividers on either side).

  • I’m bad and put my camera in my bag and tote it around. Or even worse…the diaper bag. I need something nice like this!

  • Jennifer Harrell

    Hi there! I’m a momtographer and I’m researching leather camera purses (again). I have a Jo Totes and though it is PERFECT for my needs and style (the one with the cute rose on the front!?), it’s not leather and every day gets a new scratch 🙁 I’m so bummed, $90 isn’t chump change for me! I love the shutterbag but it really is too big I think. JillE bags seem so stiff? Do you have any other recs for genuine leather bags? Thanks!

  • Penelope

    The Jill-E camera bag is very stiff, and boxy too. I looked at the Ona camera bags but the one I liked won’t fit my D700 and the others are too masculine, and I found a few other companies that make lovely leather camera bags (from what I’ve seen online) but are very expensive ($300+), and many do not show enough detailed photos.

    I did find some pretty camera bags on Etsy that were actually more affordable, so if I find a great one I will let you know.

  • What a cute bag! I have the bag that came with my camera, not cute at all!

  • Penelope

    It can be addictive to shop for camera bags, I wish they were carried in stores so we could see them in person!