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We Finally Entered The Modern Tech Age. And Our Sons Already Have Us Beat.

A month before my second son was born, my husband bought me an iPhone 4S. It was my first smart phone ever, and we got it because I needed a good camera and my seven year old phone took the grainiest pictures ever (evidenced by the disaster we called photos of our first son when he was born). We actually had a camera, but my husband dropped and broke it in the hospital while I was in labor.

We learned two lessons. One: protect our tech gear. Two: Always have a back up.

The iPhone 4S recorded the first days of our second son’s life, and this time we weren’t worried about any accidents, because it was cradled in an Otterbox Defender case (a co-worker of my husband insisted we not only get a case, but it had to be an OtterBox Defender, because said coworker had one and (for fun) tossed the iPhone 3 he was planning to trade in out a second floor window to see what would happen. Nothing happened. These cases are like armor).

otterbox defender iphone 4s

And thus, we were ushered into the modern age of technology.

Now I can’t believe I ever lived without a smart phone. I’m up to date on everything, and anything I want to know, communicate, or share can be down right now. My son kept playing with my phone (evidenced by zillions of kiddie apps on it) and because I actually wanted to use my phone too, we got him an iPad. And of course (because lesson learned) an OtterBox Defender case for it. He uses it (and drops it) daily. We haven’t needed to wait two weeks for Apple to fix a screen for us yet, because we won’t put anything in his hands without armor.

playing with ipad

And then our second son came along, and at only ten months he is fascinated by the iPad. He imitates his older brother and pokes at the screen repeatedly with his index finger, watching in fascination as the screen changes. But there is only one iPad, and two boys, and toddlers don’t really like to share. So, enter the mini iPad, for our mini son.

ipad mini otterbox defender blush

And of course, it’s protected. (with a pretty pink OtterBox Defender case in blush- it’s gorgeous) and with both boys occupied by their high tech gadgets, I finally got my iPhone back. And a new case for it too (midnight blue and black, just my style).

cute graphic

  • I want an iPad!! The cases are very important with the little ones around!!

  • Jenn

    I need something like this for our windows phone. It’s only a matter of time before the kids destroy it!

  • We all use Otterboxes in our house – all three iphones and both ipads. I am hoping they make one for my new Acer tablet soon!

  • Maryann

    I think my hubby has an Otterbox, he is really tough on his phone and his cases.

  • I absolutely love my Otterbox!! By far the best cell phone case I have ever had and it’s great to see they are making them for tablets as well.

  • With the littlest ones like that, it’s a darn good thing all your goodies are locked inside Otterbox cases.

  • I think I’m going to have to buy a secret tablet that no one knows about in my house so that I can use it for myself. Every time mine is charged, the boys grab it, and its gone again! Definitely need an otterbox!!

  • Mellisa

    I my Otterbox. It has save my iPhone and iPad more than once from being destroyed.

  • That’s too cute that they both have iPads! I have one but my son uses it way more than I do.

  • I should probably get one of these for my Samsung. I’ve only heard good things about Otterbox.

  • I so so agree. Otterbox is armor! They are quality products that really work to keep our technology protected! Super cute pictures and love the pink case on your mini!

  • I can’t wait till their waterproof case comes out!

  • I have an otterbox for my ipod and I LOVE it!

  • Otterboxes seem like the ultimate line of defense for your gadgets. I love the vibrant colors too!

  • I love my otterbox case.

  • love my otter box case.

  • I want an iPad! LOL

  • Awww that so cute. Goo is finally getting an iPad mini too. I can’t wait to pick and choose her apps.

  • Donna

    I just recently got an Otterbox for my iPhone 5, but need to get one for my iPad, now.

  • Kids really do catch on to electronics so fast these day don’t they?

  • I need to look to see if they have one for my sons Kindle Fire.

  • I love the pink otterbox! So cute.

  • We actually have Otterbox on all of our iPhones, I would have destroyed it long ago without it!

  • I can easily vouch that Otterbox rocks! My mother accidentally ran over her iPhone, and it wasn’t damaged in the least, thanks to the Otterbox. Sadly, the Otterbox wasn’t the same, but at least it saved the phone! 🙂

  • What great cases.

  • I so need one of those iPad cases. My boys are rough on it!

  • ooh. I just got a mini too! I need that pink case like ASAP!

  • I have to check these out. Especially with the baby playing with my iPad.. I mean hers now lol

  • My daughter is off playing with her iPad right now. She escapes every now and again and does her letter apps.

  • Isn’t it amazing how our kids know more then we do sometimes? Or are introduced to technology at such a young age? As for the Otterbox it is an AWESOME case!

  • I LOVE how the Otterbox looks on both the iphone and ipads. I want one for both of my toys too!

  • Meghan @JaMonkey

    I swear its hardwired now