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Adding Color To Our Home

Home is where we come to relax, our place of security, peace, and family. We wanted out home to be serene and lovely, so when we chose colors to paint the rooms we’d be living in, we purposely chose colors that evoke a sense of calm and at the same time were fresh and pretty.

We bought a house with all white walls, and repainted with carefully chosen colors from Behr. All of the paints in this post are Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paint, including the trim, moldings, and doors (those are Premium Plus Ultra Interior Satin Enamel in Ultra Pure White).

For our living room and dining room we chose a soft, bluish-green interior paint color by Behr called Nurture that gives a sense of freshness and airy light, while still being trendy (light blues and greens in the living room and dining room seem to have become very popular lately). It looks especially fabulous when a lot of light is shining into our house (we have great light, lots of large windows!)

The boys bedrooms are a soft, light blue color. This Behr home paint color is called Cumberland Fog, which is a dreamy color that makes me think of endless clear skies. I hope it will inspire creativity in my smart boys, and let their minds roam to discover great things (hey, genius has to start somewhere).

cumberland fog 2

cumberland fog

cumberland fog behr paint color

Our master bedroom is a gentle blue color with a hint of purple, called Blue Reflection. The blue is very relaxing after a stressful day, great for helping us feel cozy and get a good night’s sleep, but the purple undertone makes it a little more fun and exciting, very Feng Shui for a couple:


behr pain blue reflection

The entryway and hallways are a soft neutral color, Baked Biscotti. I loved this interior house paint color so much I used it in my home office too. It is a sort of khaki color that, according to studies on color psychology, adds a sense of steadiness and strength, the perfect color to see when getting ready to go out into the world:

baked biscotti behr 1

baked biscotti behr paint for home

The family room is a warmer neutral color called Parisian Taupe. This Behr home paint color has yellowish undertone that gives it a bit more warmth, perfect for relaxing together as a family:

parisian taupe 1

parisian taupe bahr home paint color

What do you think of our home paint color choices? What colors have you used in your home? If you are looking for ideas, curious about popular trends, or just love colors and design, check out Behr’s blog (they recently wrote a great post about choosing paint colors for your baby’s nursery). Behr often offers fans giveaways on the Behr facebook page as well (including samples of beautiful new colors), so like them to learn about future promotions and offers.

We received these Behr paints for the purpose of review and to share our honest opinions. We only share products we truly love.

  • I love your color choices. My home has more bolder colors. I love color in a home!!

  • Tammy

    Very nice! I’m more of a warm tone person. Right now we have a shade called Mushroom Cap on our walls, it’s a brown tone that you’d see in desert camo colors.

  • I love all the colors you chose.

  • Came out great!

  • I am loving the colors you chose. Behr is always my first choice of paint because their quality just cannot be beat.

  • Love the colors! When we painted our apartment, I swore I wouldn’t choose white because my mom’s walls were always white. I love a hint of color!

  • Beautiful! I love how you chose just calming colors! We painted our last place some bold colors, a first for me, but after the move we didn’t paint. We weren’t sure how long we were staying and didn’t want to deal w/ the hassle of painting it back afterwards.

  • Donna

    Pretty choices! Looks soft, warm, and inviting. I painted my entire home a couple of years ago, and chose a bit bolder, darker, richer colors for the first time ever, and I’m still liking it. I usually repaint my entire house every 3-4 years, so in a year or two, I’ll change it up. Not sure which way I’ll go then. Your home looks beautiful!

  • Leilani

    I love your choices! We’ll be moving and I’m dying to paint the rooms, but my husband is not on board. So I’m just going to have pops of color in our decor.

  • ALready a huge fan of Behr paint and after our #Paint fail with another brand we won’t be using anything else

  • I love your color choices. We love using Behr paint.

  • great color choices. Looks pretty!

  • I love all of the colors! They are so soft & comforting.

  • It’s funny, our tastes are very similar. I opt for a bit of a more vivid color because our house is pretty small, so the brighter colors reflect more light and make the rooms seem bigger! 🙂 I have a cornflower blue in our master bedroom, it’s pretty dark, but that with the oak floors and cherry finish bedroom furniture make the room sooo mellow and relaxing!

  • I love the colors you chose! They’re soft and subtle without being just plain white.

  • I nice soft palette. I always go more wild my bedroom and the staircase and landings are the only subtle colors in my house. You would run out of my daughter’s room screaming…lol. It’s watermelon pink 😀

  • Jenn

    Our living area is the deep burnt red that was popular for a while. I’d like to lighten it up though.

  • I’m like you in that I like it very, very bright, light and airy. You chose beautiful colors!

  • I love your color choices.

  • I love the colors, not over bearing but clean, light, and airy.

  • Pretty!

  • You did a great job. It all looks really nice.

  • We just finished installing new wood laminate in both bedrooms and now I want to repaint them so badly! My daughter’s room is white and black and mine is blue…neither look “right” with the oak flooring.

  • Love the colors you chose, so calm and cozy.

  • I love the colors that you picked. They’re so soothing and light.

  • THOSE are fantastic colors! I’m going to start painting rooms in March — we moved here in August and just left everything “as is”. Fortunately, they weren’t horrible colors … I wanted to “live with the rooms”, see how the light moved through the day, etc., before painting. But …. now, I am ready, ready, ready. And, like you, I’m looking for light hues.

    So pretty!

  • I love both colors. I would like to do my bathroom in the taupe.

  • I just love the bright colors!

  • Great choices, Penelope! Your house looks gorgeous too. Hope you’re loving it!

  • You have a beautiful home.

  • We’re going to be redoing our kitchen next month! Love the colors btw.

  • I love the pictures. I wish I could get a pretty clean look like that on my walls.

  • Love the colors! We have been in our home for 3 years and still have no color on the walls… 🙁

  • Love the color. It really gives the house something extra. 🙂

  • Jennifer The Quirky Momma

    I love the colors you chose, they are timeless yet modern, crisp but not cold.

  • I cannot wait to see your entire home. The paint pictures look fabulous. Love all the soft colors!

  • I love all of these colors – you did a fabulous job picking these out! You definitely achieved the serene, elegant look you were aiming for!

  • LyndaS

    I think your color choices are great.

  • Maryann

    these colors are similar to my neighbors home.

  • Great colors and choices. My hallways and passageways and smaller rooms are neutral tones as well. I’ve heard this lends the space continuity and makes it appear larger. I’ve also heard these are both good things for staging, in the event one wants to interest prospective buyers down the line. I read somewhere recently that gallery white and bride-white linen and bedding are making a comeback.

  • we have tons of color in our home.

  • I love these colors and how they are really complimented by the natural light!

  • So pretty! Love your choices!