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Martin Luther King Jr and Coretta Scott’s Love Story

Martin Luther King Jr was an American clergyman, activist, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He was known for using nonviolent methods to advance the civil rights movement in the United States, following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. Martin Luther King Jr was also a man of great integrity in his personal life, admired by millions, and a proponent of a strong and happy marriage and family.

martin luther king marriage

King married Coretta Scott on June 18, 1953 and they had four children. They had a happy marriage, with King saying of wife Coretta:

“I am indebted to my wife Coretta, without whose love, sacrifices, and loyalty neither life nor work would bring fulfillment. She has given me words of consolation when I needed them and a well-ordered home where Christian love is a reality.”

coretta scott king marriage
Coretta was introduced to Martin Luther King Jr by a friend, which he has been quoted as saying is a wonderful way to meet a potential spouse. MLK Jr, as a reverend and the son of a reverend, was also a proponent of waiting until marriage to have sex and taught this to younger generations. He held and taught old-fashioned views of traditional courtship, believing that men should pursue and women should choose. Said the lovely Coretta of her future husband “..he was looking for a wife. I wasn’t looking for a husband, but he was a wonderful human being. I resisted his overtures, but after he persisted, I had to pray about it. I had a dream, and in that dream, I was made to feel that I should allow myself to be open and stop fighting the relationship. That’s what I did, and of course the rest is history.”

There were some struggles in their marriage during long absences, in which Coretta desired to be more involved in the civil rights movements, and MLK Jr struggled between his belief that a wife should be home and raising children, and missing her companionship while he was traveling sometimes 25 days a month, but their marriage survived during these difficult times until his death on April 4, 1968. Before her own recent death, Coretta Scott King reminisced about their happy marriage and happy life together in spite of the strain of her husband’s worthy calling and mission, and she looked proudly back on the legacy they built together alongside their family through their love and commitment to each other.

Have a wonderful day celebrating Martin Luther King Jr!

  • Blond Duck

    What a wonderful story! I never knew that!

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    What a beautiful love story.

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