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More Lessons From Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe was an iconic beauty who truly embodied the feminine siren. Her life story ranges from spell-binding to tragic: how she charmed men, changed Hollywood, and sadly, spiraled downward as a result of being used and mocked by so many. I adore her still, and share my favorite words from one of the most alluring creatures to ever grace the Silver Screen:

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    i love this website because i love marilyn monroe so much

  • Trina

    Imagine what an empire this woman could have built for herself if she hadn’t been psychologically cannibalized by the men who ran Hollywood 50 years ago.

  • Mimi

    Not just a pretty face!

  • Penelope

    I couldn’t agree more! Her story is tragic (and she was seriously underpaid to boot)

  • Xeriscaping

    I wonder what she would say about the world today… What was taboo in her time is now on prime time and we have come a long way in some areas (not so much in others).

  • Chennai

    I like all her quotes here

  • Brandon

    As a 29 year old male, I have to say, it’s unfortunate. SO much more beautiful than the sex symbols of today. All real, all natural, unafraid to be who she was. The original sex symbol, and there was still so much more to her beyond her raw physical appeal.

  • Chris Standish

    Some nice thoughts behind the quotes, but honestly this woman was nothing to idealize. And these quotes are used by every other unoriginal asshole who thinks it ‘speaks’ for them.

    She had sex with numerous married men, changed her name, and dyed her hair to be more popular. Isn’t that what we criticize artists for doing today? Sacrificing their dignity for more attention?

    And she wasn’t some ‘size 16’ – She was a size 8. She had big tits, and a big ass. That means she was lucky, not overweight.

    And that song Elton John wrote for her sucked. Get out.

  • Cristina C

    She wasn’t exactly “all natural” she admittedly had plastic surgery. People always want to forget that part…

  • Mr plumber Rochdale

    So glad i discovered this website via stumbleupon,, Some great pictures here and some even better words !! love it look forward to the next..thankyou from mr plumber rochdale

  • Feminism is not about dominance but about equality.

    How stupid does that sound? I am woman who wants my children one day to dominate over men; what if MLK said one day he hoped for his black children to look down on white children?

    No, sorry. Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful woman, a great actress, but no philosopher. Women who seek to be equal with men are wonderful and ambitious.

  • chichi

    me 2 they are moveing

  • Alexis

    the first one is soo overused, still good though… the last two are my favorite 🙂

  • Cory O

    Everyone see’s her as this “Model” but to my eyes, I see something so much far greater.

  • Bakeca Italia

    The first Marilyn Monroe quote is the best!

  • chris

    Uh, wasn’t she pretty much famous for selling her body, and being with famous men?

    She is the 1950s version of Paris Hilton.

    There are better women to idolize I think for instance Harriet Tubman or Ayn Rand.

    Sorry if my opinion offends.

  • MLR

    The woman had style and much more…hope she realized it.

  • Catherine

    Awesome quotes. Marilyn Monroe has so many memorable quotes. The third picture is so beautiful. She had such a bright smile.

  • Danielle

    Marilyn Monroe, is so right about many things… She had a lot of wisdom, even though she says that she’s insecure sometimes, I can’t understand the reason behind that, but what I noticed is that a lot of beautiful women have that in them, and actually, that makes them more down to earth and always aiming to improve themselves… by the way, did you know that her real name is NORMA JEANE MORTENSON …

  • Esther


  • Cynthia Bunting