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My Favorite #Beauty Tips And Tricks

Simple is beautiful, especially when it comes to beauty. I feel every woman can do something to look better, but too much can be overkill, so keeping your beauty routine simple and efficient is the way to go. I feel women should highlight their best features rather than spend a lot of time, money, and effort trying to mask or change what they don’t like, because we all have something beautiful about us and celebrating the positive is better than focusing on the negative.

Every day I wash my face, apply moisturizer, and then apply my make-up, which takes less than three minutes (I’m a busy mom so I’ve streamlined my beauty routine). Overtime we all learn some tricks to maximize our beauty, and today I’m going to share some of my favorite beauty tips and tricks.

My Favorite Beauty Tips and Tricks

* Foundation is the one item of makeup I always wear, because it makes me look like I have flawless skin even if I barely slept. I don’t apply it all over my face, which can give an artificial look for every day wear. Instead, I apply it under my eyes where I sometimes have dark circles, and around my nostrils and corners of my mouth, which can sometimes be a bit redder than the rest of my skin. The result is even skin tone that looks clear.

* Blush is a great way to look healthy and glow without having to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes. I love blush, but not too much. I apply it with a large brush so it is more of a light flush of color across the apples of my cheeks as opposed to streaks of color that don’t look natural. During the winter I use a peachy pink color on my fair skin, and during the summer use a more bronze shade on my darker skin.

* Black mascara is the little black dress of make-up..it always makes you look glamorous and flirty. A beauty tip I learned to really make your eyes open wide is to take an eyelash curler and blast it for two seconds with the warm setting of your blow-dryer, then use it to curl your eyelashes (before you apply any mascara). Apply your mascara to your super curled lashes, and use the darkest mascara you can find, no matter that color your hair is, for large, defined, attention getting eyes.

* Crest white strips White teeth are a sign of beauty and good healthy, and if your teeth aren’t naturally white, you can get whiter teeth with a great at home teeth whitener like the award winning Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips (I reviewed this teeth whitener some months back and found it to be impressively effective after only one treatment).

Clear skin, flushed cheeks, flirty lashes, and a bright smile featuring beautiful white teeth- this is my idea of beauty, and all these things are easy to do, even for busy women. Some other great, convenient, and quick beauty tricks are the below award winning beauty products from Procter and Gamble, which I was sent to try out and share my thoughts on:

Award Winning Beauty Products

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle My hair is highlighted and colored (double process) so in order to have beautiful hair, I really need to make sure to use moisturizing conditioners. The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is a hydrating hair product that helps my dry hair retain much needed moisture.

Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips You know I love this product, and am a big fan of beautiful teeth in general. You just can’t have a bad smile with lovely teeth.

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof A super duper strong antipersperant and deodorant, to keep you dry and smelling great on your busiest, most stressful days, and if you are a mom who runs around a lot with little kids, an antiperspirant you can rely on that lasts all day is a must.

Venus Bikini Trimmer Winner of the Marie Claire 25 New Products That Will Change Your Life award, and would be winner of my own award if I gave awards for top beauty products. I had never heard of this product before- it’s GENIUS! I’m really not a fan of Brazilian waxes but like a more…well maintained look. Every woman should know about the Venus Bikini Trimmer- it trims to about a centimeter, within seconds and with just a few strokes, so no need to trudge to a salon and strip down anymore in front of a stranger (and much more affordable too)- a new favorite for me!

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum I’m a big fan of Oil of Olay products in general, and this one in particular. I have fine lines around my eyes and am fighting early signs of aging, however small. This beauty serum is effective for this problem area giving skin a fuller, firmer appearance.

CoverGirl Nature Luxe Gloss Balm A light, sheer lip balm great for the day time, when you just want a hint of color and a bit more of a polished look without looking too made up.

Beauty Giveaway

Procter and Gamble would like to give a reader the very same beauty package I received, which includes the P&G award-winning product mentioned above. To enter to win, simply leave me a comment below sharing a beauty tip, trick, or technique of your own!

  • I always wear lip gloss!

  • Eileen Burke

    My main beauty tip is keep your face out of the sun, use spf or hats!

  • A beauty tip I use is to put eyeliner on each morning, in a color that compliments your eyes. I wear charcoal black, since I have dark hair. If you are blonde or have light brown hair (to match your lashes), choose a lighter color. It really makes your eyes look alive.

  • Les Johnson

    My tip is for side swept bangs. I blow dry them in the opposite direction and blow in the downward motion. When I flip them the correct way, my bangs lay like they should πŸ˜‰

    sweeper_bear at hotmail dot com

  • I always wear lipgloss. I need to make it more of a habit to mosturize daily.

  • Elisabeth

    Sometimes I use I toothbrush or washcloth to exfoliate my lips before putting on lipgloss. πŸ™‚

  • when I need a gentle exfoliator, I use baking soda!

  • Sharon Rooney

    If you run out of shaving cream when shaving your legs use cream rinse.

  • Marci

    In the winter my lips get dry. I apply Chapstick, then put sugar over it. I gently rub my lips and then rinse. My lips feel soft and healthy afterwards!

  • Genie Foss

    I always wear a small amount of makeup…
    makes me feel so good…even if I am having a bad
    hair day…or can’t find the right outfit…I feel good…
    and so I smile…

  • Amanda

    If you mess up on your makeup take a q tip and dip some in makeup remover and use it to fix what got messed up like maybe smudged eyeliner πŸ™‚

    Sweetlikecandy1688 at gmail dot com

  • Carolyn G

    I have oily skin so I use rubbing alcohol to clean my face

  • Dry skin is a huge problem in the long winters here in MN. I like to add a bit of baby oil to a hot bath for an all-over moisturizing!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • katrina v

    To exfoliate my lips, I just use my toothbrush and brush my lips.

  • drink lots of water to keep your body and skin hydrated and don’t forget the mouthwash for good oral hygiene

  • Diana Camden

    I always wear lip liner under my lipstick. It makes it last longer.

    Diana C

  • I think curling your eyelashes can really go a long way to making your eyes pop as well. As another mom to a newborn, it’s so tempting to put off wearing makeup everyday but it makes me feel better about myself and I’m camera ready for pics of me and the baby when and if someone takes them!

  • Jessica F

    I make a scrub out of sugar, olive oil, and vanilla extract to exfoliate!

  • nannypanpan

    my trick for dry hair is to put mayonaise in it…let sit on it for awhile and rinse really good

  • Beauty tip: Drink water, all day every day!

  • ferriz

    moisturizer twice a day, lots of water. and sunscreen!

  • Vicky Boackle

    try to get enough sleep.

  • Tari Lawson

    My best beauty tip is to put mascara on your bottom lashes first then the top to prevent smudging.

  • Susan Smith

    I have dry hair so once a month I use a leave in conditioner overnight.



  • Sarah Hirsch

    my beauty tip is to moisturize every day

  • Mary C

    Drink lots of water — get plenty of rest.

  • kristen m

    my favorite beauty tip is to moisturize more than you think you need to!
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  • Suzanne K

    my mom taught me to gently exfoliate/scrub my face and neck with a moist/wet washcloth each time I wash my face. At 88, she still looks much younger. I’m following her example!

  • Stephanie

    i use dry shampoo on busy mornings

  • meredith

    i make my own oatmeal honey mask – for the best skin nights!

  • Diane Baum

    I use sun screen all year round

  • Betty Antibus

    nice giveaway
    I need lipbalm handy at all times, as lips get so dry

  • Jennifer M.

    A good night’s sleep and moisturizer.

  • Sue Cooper

    My favorite beauty tip is to never go to bed before cleaning the makeup off your face – nothing like a face full of make up to cause breakouts!

  • Angela H

    Use a toner and cotton pad after washing your face to remove excess face wash that may be on the skin. No matter how well you think you rinsed your face, there is usually residue. Follow that with a good moisturizer.

    thisisme79 @ gmail dot com

  • Kristy Thiel

    my big tip would be to moisturize!

  • tamar

    My tip: use moisturizer on your skin.

  • Danielle

    I drink lots of water and keep my face moisturized.

  • Paula Tavernie

    My beauty tip is always wash makeup off before going to sleep!Thank you!

    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  • Dara Nix

    My tip is to ALWAYS stay hydrated – both inside AND out!

  • ShellieAndBrutus

    I highlight the bridge of my nose to make it look smaller. I use mineral make-up for that and it works great.

  • Erica C.

    I like to keep oil absorbing wipes in my purse. It’s a great way to get a fresh face.

  • amie d

    An oldie but goodie- use hemorrhoid cream to get rid of puffy eyes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Janna Johnson

    drink lots of water to keep skin clear
    Thanks so much!
    Janna Johnson
    janna @ Feed Your Pig on GFC

  • Eileen Burke

    Always wear SPF on your face!

  • erma H

    I use a tinted moistuzer for a tan

  • Debbie C

    To set your makeup and give you a dewy look, rub an ice cube over your face lightly and quickly.

  • April V.

    I slather on nighttime moisturizer but do it at least a half an hour before bed to allow it to soak in before I get to bed.

  • Rebecca Peters

    I moisturize daily..
    xxbeccaannxx@ gmail.com

  • Julie

    I enjoyed reading your tips!

  • Heather!

    I agree that lovely white teeth make me look better ANY day, whether I wear makeup or not. So I take care of my teeth. I also ALWAYS remove my makeup at night (no exceptions!) before I wash my face, and (almost) always apply a moisturizer for bedtime. Clear, healthy skin and teeth are all I need most days to keep me looking better than I often feel!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  • Sharon Seneker

    A natural remedy for age/dark spots is castor oil applied to the spots nightly before sleeping. Thanks! senekers@comcast.net β™₯

  • Claire

    I layer lip products to come up with different colors instead of just buying new shades all the time.

  • Tara Woods

    My beauty tip is to clean makeup brushes often to help prevent break outs.

  • Lisa Garner

    My beauty tip is to not use eyeliner all the way around my eyes because it makes my eyes look smaller and tired.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  • tallcapp

    I use a regular lipstick and a a lip liner.

  • Christine

    always wash off makeup at night

  • Laurie Emerson

    When I remove my make-up I always use a soft face cloth and gently dab it off instead of rubbing it too hard. I also use cool water instead of warm.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  • Michelle Tucker

    Well, I’ve always got nail polishes that seem to get hard before it even gets out of the bottle. I thin it out with a bit of polish remover and then I’m good to go again.

    michedt at yahoo dot com

    thanks for the giveaway.

  • Alisha L.

    I’ve learned to combat dry heels to put some Cocoa Butter on my feet at night time with some socks and by morning they are soft! I do this about once a week πŸ™‚

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Rosey

    slough your lips with a toothbrush (that’s used only for that purpose). Apply petroleum jelly and let rest overnight. When you wake up your lips are smoother than they’ve ever been in your adult life!

  • robyn paris

    as you get older do not use shimmer eye shadow only use matte it will help to make you look younger.

  • Diane F

    Drink plenty of water to keep skin healthy and wear SPF on your face and neck.

  • Angela Martini

    Getting enough sleep is the best beauty advice I ever received

  • Heather S

    I use Johnson’s aloe vera baby oil gel on my elbows and hands and even lips to keep them moist

  • Sarah M

    After putting on eyeliner, I get a brush just a little damp and put it in black eyeshadow. I use the black eyeshadow to create a seal over my eyeliner so it doesn’t smudge under my eyes throughout the day. πŸ™‚

  • JoAnn F.

    I have always washed my makeup off at night & use a night moisturizer
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  • heatherzilla

    To make my green eyes “pop”, I use plum eyeshadow.

  • Jen R

    A beauty trick I have for a great facial mask (it makes my pores look smaller) is to put 3 uncoated aspirin in about a small dab of aloe vera. It has always just dissolved quickly with stirring. I then spread it over my face and let sit for about 10 minutes, removing it with cool water. I love the way my face looks afterwards. I do this at least weekly.
    reejen5 at gmail dot com

  • Brooke Robison

    I would love to win this! My favorite beauty tip is to sleep with moisturizing gloves on!

  • Beverly M

    Thanks for all the good tips. I love the Olay moisturizer and use that morning and night.

  • Krys R

    Mix a bit of moisturizer into foundation for a more sheer look.

  • Sand

    Rub honey on your face and remove with warm milk then wash as normal. It leaves my skin silky soft and shiny.

  • Nicole DeFontes

    Moisturize day and night, curl lashes before applying mascara.

  • lisa

    wash your face before bed

  • Amanda

    Always wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water πŸ™‚

  • I use avocado for moisturizing. It has such rich oils that leave my skin silky soft.

  • I hoard magazine tear-out fragrance samples and save them for vacations or mini-trips away from the house.

  • beautytipsblog.co.uk

    Some girls just apply make up products on their face like foundation, blush and mascara e.t.c and they don’t know foundation is coordinating with their skin type or not. Too much use of blush and mascara also make face dusty. You have shared helpful makeup tips to make our face more attractive with the balance use of makeup products.

  • Beauty Tips

    Rub honey on your face and remove with warm milk than wash as normal, it leaves my skin soft and shining. thanks for these useful beauty tips