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NOOK Color eReader Review and Giveaway #Technology

nook color review

We recently got a NOOKColor for my son. My Kindle is too boring for a child, and the iPad is way to expensive, so Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Color seemed like a great way to cultivate his love of reading while introducing him to the modern age of gadgets. We are a family of readers and book lovers, so I couldn’t wait to get this into his hands.

nook kids

NOOKColor review- What we love about this color eReader:

 The NOOK Color eReader colors are really beautiful, making it ideal for reading childrens eBooks. There is also an option to upload photos and pictures, which are displayed in the same full color.

 NOOK Kids- the NOOK really does make children’s books come alive, and childrens books that feature NOOK Kids capabilities are fun and interactive for toddlers. Some offer a “Read To Me” option, and others have interactive games and activities. Touching the text in children’s books enlarges it to make it easier for young readers to see. You can also download the NOOK app for kids for free on most computers to try out their digital books for kids.

nook color update

 Online access and WiFi, so you can use the NOOK as a tablet to read email, search online, shop online, keep up on social networks, etc. The screen is on the small side for a tablet (7 inches), but it’s sufficient for those who only plan to use internet sporadically.

nook color android tablet

 The NOOK Color is easy to use. Little man knows how to turn it on, unlock it, turn the volume up, pick a book, and flip through the pages. If an 18 month old can do it, anyone can.

 Some free eBooks for adults (classics and popular books) and some free digital books for children, as well as the ability to download ePub books (we haven’t tried this yet).

What we don’t love about the NOOKColor:

♠ While it should be able to play flash videos online (it’s supposed to have Android capabilities), right now the NOOK doesn’t play video well, or in some cases at all. I can’t play Netflix cartoons for little man while we are out and about.

♠ The touch screen feature on our NOOK Color is not very accurate or sensitive when we are trying to press a small button or link, and is sometimes slow to respond.

♠ Not ideal for active online use- the small screen and inaccurate touch screen response can make regular websurfing frustrating. The applications are also limited.

♠ The battery life of the NOOK Color is eight hours, common with color eReaders, but may be a nuisance to bookworms who don’t care about color. Also, a few times the screen of the Nook Color has gone blank for no reason and I had to power it on again.

We love the NOOK Color for reading children’s books and magazines, and think it’s a great choice for parents who want a single family eReader to share with young children. For chronic readers who don’t want to share, we’d still prefer a more affordable eInk eReader that is easier on the eyes.

Want to win a NOOK Color?

Leave a message below letting us know your favorite book ever, or which book you would love to read to your child on the NOOK Color.

Giveaway ends on July 31st. Winner has 24 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.