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Ten Awesome Kisses

A kiss. It can possess mystery, excitement, fun, passion, and more. Throughout history and cinema, the kiss has been celebrated, and considering the intimacy, playfulness, and power of kissing, rightly so.

Here is a collection of incredible kisses as well as my favorite quotes about kissing from people who ought to know (*wink*)…I hope you enjoy them!

‘Where should one use perfume?’ a young woman asked. ‘Wherever one wants to be kissed,’ I said. ~Coco Chanel


A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. ~Ingrid Bergman

how to kiss

Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other. ~Rene Yasenek

famous movie kisses

In trying to get our own way, we should remember that kisses are sweeter than whine. ~Author Unknown

kiss quotes romance love

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance. ~Proverb

famous movie kisses

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases. ~Chinese Proverb

spider man kiss movie

Her kisses left something to be desired… the rest of her. ~Anonymous

famous unknown soldier kiss

I am in favor of preserving the French habit of kissing the hands of ladies. After all one must start somewhere. ~Sacha Guitry

quotes about kisses

Each kiss a heart-quake… ~Lord Byron

great kissing quotes

You may conquer with the sword, but you are conquered by a kiss.
Daniel Heinsius

Kisses are like tears, the only real ones are the ones you can’t hold back. ~Unidentified Writer

quotes about kisses

Do you remember your first kiss? Was it memorable and magical, or not quite one for the novels? Do you have quotes about kissing or a favorite memory to share?

  • Heather

    My first kiss was on the school bus in Kindergarten. πŸ™‚

  • Alexandra

    I met the man of my dreams at the age of 46 and when he kissed me the first time I knew he was the one. We have been together now for 14 months and I can remember his kisses,touch,smile and can feel him all around me when he’s gone. I love him so much!

  • valerie savala

    Each step we took down the stairs was a kiss after another.

  • Aimee

    “Two people kissing always look like fish” -Andy Warhol

  • Allison

    β€œAny man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”
    Albert Einstein

  • Alyana

    He counted to 10 and then he kissed me… we were in love by 7.

  • Maggie

    How about some same-sex kisses? =)

    I’m with a wonderful woman right now, and I’ve never been as happy as I am with her. She’s a beautiful, loving, empathetic, caring woman. The first time I kissed her, I knew I wanted to kiss her for the rest of my life.

    I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful, or courageous, than two men or two women openly kissing, declaring their love where everyone can see. <3

  • Great post…I think that the Spider man kiss is the best. πŸ™‚

  • Awww what a great kissing quote post!!!

  • Felicia

    I love these kind of pics. It makes me think of my husband. We are high school sweethearts of 4 years now and we’re both only 19. He’s a marine and its hard 2 live each day without him. πŸ™‚ he’s my everything.

  • B.S

    “My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, So won’t you kill me, so I die happy?” – Dashboard Confessionals

  • s

    One of the best first kisses I ever had was in Vegas, of all places! I had met this man, and for two days we kept running into each other, sharing a cab and dancing until the early morning hours. In the middle of the casino in Planet Hollywood, he kissed me and time stood still. To this day, I wonder what happened to that man, and why our kiss was so magical.

  • Sheila

    Aww these are so cute!! I personally haven’t had my first kiss yet and I am 22. I want to meet someone special and share a first kiss that is just the beginning to many more.

  • Alison

    I can still remember everything about my first kiss. I was 15 and we were on my parent’s front porch. He was wearing a white shirt and khaki pants. I can still recall that feeling to this day, my whole body felt like it was falling asleep but my heart was pounding like I had just ran a half marathon. I remember he smelled like cinnamon and grass and at the exact moments our lips touched my hands found his soft curly hair. I remember wishing that exact moment could last forever. That was many years ago and I have long since had several boyfriends since then but there is nothing like that special rite of passage.

  • Jessica

    I remember for a long time I was really uncomfortable with kissing. People kept kissing me when I wasn’t okay with it. Well, eventually I started to date my boyfriend, and for once I’m getting to make the first moves. Choosing to kiss someone I loved was amazing, and it finally felt like the movies say it’s supposed to.

  • Amanda

    I love this! πŸ™‚

  • gnatalie

    *Dashboard Confessional

  • Jenny

    I still remember my first kiss perfectly. I was 13 and it was with my first boyfriend. It was the first time we hung out alone together; it was also the first time i hung out with a boy alone. We were sitting on the couch in my basement watching A Walk to Remember. I was extremely nervous and I could tell he was too. At first we weren’t even cuddling or hold hands. Eventually he slowly put his arm around me. After Mandy Moore sang “Only Hope” in the school play’s performance, we both looked at each other and he leaned in and kissed me. It was soft, innocent, and magical.

  • Bee

    First kiss that made me feel that sought-after spark/butterflies/fireworks: I didn’t know it was his first kiss… But I liked him, we were on my back porch, it was memorial day, we were alone, I looked at him and gave him a peck. Later that day, we went to the beach and I heard him say to a friend he had his first kiss. I told him I would’ve made it more special if he told me it was his first. I still get chills when I think of this, but his response was ‘It could not be more special. It was with you, so it was perfect.’

  • Amy

    My first kiss was when I was 23 years old, and it was with my now husband, he is the only man I have and ever will kiss. The best decision ever made was to wait for the right man, even though I never intended to wait to kiss the man I married but I am so glad I did, And no I didn’t first kiss him at the wedding he wasn’t that patient lol

  • Penelope

    What a beautiful story πŸ™‚ Real love!

  • Penelope

    What a sweet guy πŸ˜‰

  • Penelope

    I’m loving these beautiful first kiss stories…they are giving me chills!

  • Eric

    Great short list of kissing quotes! I liked it!

  • Beth

    My first real kiss was when I was 15. I wasn’t nervous, and I don’t remember it being magical or wonderful, but instead simply thinking, “oh, so this is what it’s like.” However the tip of my tongue buzzed for hours afterwards.
    About a year later I was laying with my friend on his basement couch. He’d been flirting with me for ages and finally I worked up the courage to just kiss him already. There were butterflies, stars, the works. I fell in love with him in that moment, and years later it’s never left me.

  • what

    First kiss. 14. Movie theater. Eyes wide open. Copious amounts of tongue.

  • Rhiannon

    The thing about kisses…once you give one, you can’t get it back.

  • Danielle

    My first kiss was in my best friend’s driveway. Her boyfriend and mine were best friends and we had all hung out together that night. I was 16. We walked out to his truck because he was going to be late for curfew, and I realized that I wanted to kiss him and if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t get to kiss him that night. So I leaned in and just kissed him. It was so sweet, innocent and my stomach jumped into my throat. We stood there for what seemed like an hour grinning at each other afterwards before he finally got in his truck and left. I couldn’t forget the feel of his lips on mine for hours afterwards. I’ll never forget that wonderful winter night.

  • I'm me

    Well my first kisses where nothing to be proud off, too much alcohol etc.

    But there’s one kiss ithink i’ll remember the rest of my life, It was this summer i where out with my best friend and a girl i knew from my bording school, we where sitting in a park just talking, Me, my two best friends and this girl..
    I where sitting close to this girl and i where telling her a story suddenly she kisses me, nothing intense or anything just a light kiss on my lips.

    It were something special. Mostly because of me being used to more intense kisses.

  • Sandra

    When you find the right person, when you both really love each other, you can feel the energy circulate through a single kiss.

  • Erin

    First kiss: 13. Our best friend’s kitchen, in front of the fridge.
    We had like each other for a while, but it was complicated, and i finally just kissed him. πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie

    My first kiss was on the stage of my junior high cafeteria my 8th grade year on Valentine’s day. It was so sweet and innocent. Only a peck. I’ll never forget it, there were people there on stage because it was before an after school practice and he came by before his mom picked him up. No one saw because we were hiding in the curtains, it was like a secret! Oh, how I miss those days:)

  • Lauren

    The sweetest first kiss I ever had: Me and a boy had been trying to date since I was 14, but we were so young and nervous. First year of college, I was invited to his lake over christmas break with his family for the weekend. We snuck out in the middle of the night with blankets wrapped around us. We sat at the campfire but it was still so cold that we slid even closer. We whipsered about different things for a little while, and then we just stopped talking, and he slowly leaned in and kissed me. It wasn’t for very long and it was so gentle. My heart was pounding. It was a wonderfully sweet kiss that I’ll never forget

  • Kristin

    The first time I kissed the man I’m making a life with. We met at the local pub and talked for hours, I (feeling bold) went back to his house where we proceeded to talk for hours more. I had found some blueberries to munch on in his fridge, we were talking about somethin kinda funny, I was giggling, looked up at he had stopped and was just watching me with a little smile. He kissed me, it was soft and sweet, really blueberry sweet. Now every time we see blueberries or hear the word we sneak a little kiss.

  • Meagan

    my first kiss was amazing. My boyfriend and i were sitting with a bunch of friends watching fireworks…we had been close to kissing multiple times and after about 3 time i decided i was just going to kiss him. We were sitting there joking around and thumb wrestling and he was close to kissing me, so finally i just asked “Are you gonna kiss me or not?” (yes like the counrty song) haha and then he did…it was wonderful, just a little kiss πŸ™‚

  • janna

    i think there should be pictures ofblack people kissing in this as well.

  • Emma Calin

    Kiss your lover because sighs matter.

  • Emma Calin

    Kiss your lover because sighs matter.
    By Emma Calin, Romance Author

  • LiMoO

    Very emotive pictures.. Thanks for sharing this photos

  • Tracy Ilton

    Not my first kiss, but my first kiss with the love of my life. I live in New Zealand & met my love in Vancouver. Just today I walked past the seat where we shared our first special kiss (I’m back in Vancouver). I photographed the seat & pixted it to my love. One of the most special moments of my life. I will treasure it forever

  • larry

    My first kiss was when i was a teenager with my first love, i still remember it 52 years later, wow!!!

  • Rebecca Sanders

    β€œThe mouth is made for communication, and nothing is more articulate than a kiss.”
    ― Jarod Kintz

  • Josie

    First kiss: 12 years old and awful. Neither one of us really knew how to pull off a “real” kiss. A dare by his best friend in front of the local rec center. Any outsider would have been confused as to what was going on. “Is he…looking for something? maybe he lost his house keys in her mouth?”<—awful.

  • mag

    first kiss like a fairytale! it was on the 21 of dec the same date we got together he told me to look somewhere and when i looked back at him he kissed me. so gentle and so incredible.

  • matt

    Apperently black people don’t make good movie kisses. Get over it. You don’t see asians complaining.

  • K

    14,maybe 13? movie theater. it was cute. he was my best friend, and we were playing. hitting eachother,tickling, and getting close to eachothers face, calling eachother a wimp and what not,saying little fighting words. He kept trying to lean in, but I was so nervous I dodged his 3+ attempts haha. Eventually,I gained the courage to kiss him and we laughed in between each kiss. It wasn’t really anything special, just innocent.

  • Bee

    the best kisses are the ones where you cn feel eachother’s smiles through out the whole thing β™₯ just had a really good kiss from a guy earlier tonight. after a long dramatic conversation in which I found out that he has had feelings since the first time he saw me, he pulled me into his arms, held me for a moment, then kissed me slowly. so sweet. β™₯

  • Sustainable Living

    Had to share this one with the wife… The best kisses are the ones you least expect.

  • Rachel c

    Sometimes the most memorable kisses wernt the most romantic but, the most interesting.

  • Candy

    Kisses are the best, especially when you find that special one who kisses like no other. I disagree in waiting until you kiss – like that show in TLC – Virgins or whatever it’s called. Have you seen the way virgins kiss? It’s disgustingly hilarious!!! Great article!

  • Mae

    My first kiss, I was crashed into a locker and kissed. Our teeth clacked and I felt him completely. It was clumsy and a bit painful, my lip had gotten hit. But the rest of the day my mind was foggy and I could only think of how warm he was.
    It was all a bet he and I had together.

  • tarbar

    I’m a college student living on campus and so is my boyfriend. The first time we kissed was after we’d been hanging out a lot for a few days, talking and watching movies with our friends and playing awkward games of handsie and footsie. You know. We finally got to the “holding hands” stage and decided to go for a walk together, to get away from potentially prying eyes until we sorted out exactly what we were (he was getting over an ex and being cautious because of it). He had a skateboard that he decided he didn’t want to carry anymore, so our walk took us to his dorm across campus. The original plan was for him to just put the skateboard in his room and then we’d resume walking outside…but it was cold, and we’d made the dumb decision to walk across a field and got our shoes (and the hems of my too-long pants) all wet, so we decided to stay inside for a while. We sat side-by-side, I in his desk chair and he in a lower folding chair (typical dorm accoutrement)…putting his head exactly at boob-height. I liked him a lot so I didn’t see the problem in letting him rest his head on my chest. He turned his head to look at me four times, trying to muster the nerve to kiss me and not getting past the “point your face at her face” part. “Maybe I should stop being so timid,” he ventured, and I agreed, and we spent the next three hours alternately talking and making out on his bed. I think I eventually pointed out the absurdity of worrying about whether she wants you to kiss her if she’s already OK with you touching her boobs.

  • My first kiss with my husband was so sweet and romantic I remember every bit about the whole night of that date.

  • me(:

    My favorite kisses are the ones that follow him just looking at me and me just looking back. Like literally saying nothing just staring for a while and then we are kissing and my hear is beating and all I want is to kiss him forever and ever and just like live off the breathe from his kiss. Thats all. Thats my favorite kind of kiss, the real, passionate, ones. Ones that leave you with no words but so many and the ones that make you smile right in the middle of a kiss. Yeah those are the best…. I cant lie though, sometimes, right in the middle of a kiss, I will open my eyes just for a quick second just to see his face, I dont know why but I just do….

  • Fajas

    The best kiss of all is when you both love each other. And also the one’s where you least expect it.

  • M

    Ladies, please don’t follow Coco Chanel’s advice, perfume tastes horrendous!

  • itwasacutemoment

    The best kiss I ever had was when he told me about a dream he had where he kissed me and I didn’t react well. he said “I wonder if you’d react differently in real life…” He leaned in to kiss me, but I hesitated and he ended up kissing me on the cheek. He asked what was wrong and I said “I’m scared.” He didn’t say a word, he just pulled me into a hug and held me for awhile. Then he whispered in my ear, “Still scared?” I just nodded yes. He said “I’m terrified.” Then he pulled away from the hug and kissed me anyway. It was so sweet and so sudden; I wasn’t scared anymore.

  • Penelope

    That is one of the best first kiss stories!

  • Michael's Secret

    Our first “real” meeting, following six months of a secret online relationship, was when he picked me up from the railway station – and we shook hands. Perhaps half an hour and a glass of something calming later, we were sitting side by side – but not touching – on the sofa and I gestured towards the photos on the sideboard. “Your family?” I asked. He told me yes, that one was his sister, that one his parents, that one a group of all of them. As he turned back towards me, his beautiful eyes searched mine and he leant forward, just close enough for our lips to touch. I felt his breath on my mouth and my insides melted. With one hand he pulled my head towards him and for the first time, this wonderful man kissed me with a passion that has never died. We are still the biggest secret in each other’s lives almost twenty years later. Sometimes I think I should write that book …….