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The Tummy Cincher

If you’re wondering why your once concave stomach sticks out, even if you don’t have any belly fat, you may not need to diet. You probably just need some effective ab workouts to flatten tummy appearance by focusing on the muscle that goes around your midsection. If you had a baby, the muscles over your tummy and around your waist stretched out. You need to do an ab exercise to flatten belly and tone stomach muscles once you’ve lose the belly fat. You aren’t fatter, your muscles have changed, and you need to get your muscles back to where they were.

flat stomach photos

Not bad post-baby (red marks are from pants)

Luckily muscles tend to have memory, and there is a specific tummy exercise to target the corset muscle, aka the transverse abdominus. It doesn’t matter how many stomach crunches you do, if the transverse abdominus muscle is not tight, you can not have a flat stomach, even though before you had babies you may have had a tight transverse abdominus with no effort on your part. If this transverse “corset” muscle is out of shape, the abdominal area potrudes.

How do you get a flat tummy? The Tummy Cincher targets the transverse abdominus and helps you get a flat tummy again (whether or not you reached your goal weight again).

The Tummy Cincher

1. Stand or sit erect (this can be done at home, at work, while sitting alone waiting in a waiting room).
2. In short, quick pulses, pull your tummy inward as far as you can. Imagine that you are trying to make your belly button touch your back.
3. Repeat for 50-100 quick pulses, starting with once a day and working up to five sets a day.

Overtime, your tummy will be pulled inward from the front and the sides, giving you a slimmer, flatter stomach!

For extra weight loss, check out our post on how to get a flat tummy after pregnancy and more fat burning foods to lose weight fast!

  • I’m definitely going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  • Karen@WaistingTime

    I need this! I hope it works:) Since my abdominal surgery in January and going so long without ab work I feel like mine is quite poochy:(

  • Alison

    I am doing it right now. How easy to do! Heck I can be blogging and working on the pulses. Thanks so much for the tip!

  • Mother Mayhem

    Sweetums weighed 13 lbs 3 oz and was 24″ long. My stomach muscles are NEVER going back. BWAHAHA.

  • monique

    Holy cow!

  • monique

    Your post has pointed out my exact problem. I can do this right now. At my desk. At work. But I’ll pass. Because the effort required is too great.

    I’ll forever be fat!

    (I keep forgetting to tell you that I’m not a spammer too!)

  • Doing it now. I hope these work! 🙂

    Did you decide to combine the two blogs? Just wondering.

  • Penelope

    Yes…just couldn’t keep up with rwo.

  • Tammy

    I should try this…the operative word being should…..LOL

  • I’ll keep this in mind after the baby is born! 😉

  • Kelly

    I’ve slowly started seeing results from doing this. I definitely need to do this more often to see some more dramatic! Thanks for this tip!

  • Faythe

    I do a similar exercise to streghten my lower back and to relax muscle spasums. but I never had a flat tummy, even before babies & thin, just not built that way 😉

  • Amy

    These look like amazing tips to have..

    Enjoy your night..

  • Penelope

    I do it while I’m on the computer too!

  • Penelope

    I now a woman who had a 13 pound baby too, naturally. And I though little man was big at 9 lbs.

  • Sally@how to lose belly fat

    So how many days should it take to have visible results?

  • Penelope

    It’s different for everyone, but my stomach felt tighter within a week, and my stomach looked visibly flatter and narrower within a month. I credit this exercise with shrinking my tummy back to pre-pregnancy size. It was quite pouchy and I felt really bad because I had lost the weight and couldn’t understand why my stomach still stuck out, until I learned about the transversus muscle. The kicker though is that if you need this exercise to get back into shape (like me…I’m no longer in my 20’s and I didn’t just bounce back without exercise), you need to always do it.

  • Michelle

    Excellent article. This is something women tend to overlook after the baby comes because of the lack of energy. It’s also important to remember that other fat can’t be spot reduced. An overall fitness program is required to lose fat and the kitchen is where the most success is realized.

  • April Decheine

    Great tips! Anything to work those muscles is helping!!

  • fitness equippment

    I’ve never really heard an explanation of how the core muscles work until now! I had no idea that quick pulses of exercise maximize a workout

  • Flat Stomach Exercises

    Good article. In order to get a flat tummy one must incorporate clean eating and cardio a few times a week, Good luck!

  • Musical Linda

    This is so awesome ive began doing it, stopped drinking and am already noticing a flatter tummy and the pudge is melting away!:) how long does it take i’ll do it as along as it take i love this thanks, saved me money on wraps, im doing 500 a day without even noticing lol

  • also good for posture.

  • I’ll definitely be trying this after baby comes! Thanks!