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Kids Say The Darnedest Things: Math Edition

If you don’t know the answer to a question, who says you don’t have to answer? Any math answer is better than none, at least in the minds of these smart alecs who have some pretty funny math answers (proving when desperate, kids say the darnedest things):

funny math answers

Challenge the teacher right back:

funny math answers

Follow instructions literally:

funny math answers 3

Give up. Or at least, have your cartoon self give up:

funny math exam answers

Bargain and offer the teacher something else (it’s an artistic funny math answer):

funny math test answers

See, this math answer is funny, but it’s not wrong:

math fail answers

I can see that…

math answers funny

The teacher told him to:

joke math answers

This is one of the funniest math answers I have ever seen:

hysterical math answers

If you don’t know the answer, insult the teacher:

math test answers fail

The problem with this funny answer is that it can’t be proven or disproven (yet)…but aliens do something, so maybe they are at fault here too?

funny math test answer

This math student was very thorough:

funny math answers

Touché, math teacher, touché…

funny math exam answer

This one gets points for the teacher:

funny teacher

And when all else fails… hold up the white flag and surrender, because math is hard:

funny math answers

  • Donna

    Love it! I could never have answered like this when I was in school, though. I was always a pleaser and would never do anything that would make me look like a smart alec.

  • Nolie

    Love it. Some I have seen before but others I haven’t. Even called Tobei over to see the ones that were new to us.