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The Bachelorette: Bentley’s Side Of The Story

Ashley Hebert is having a disastrous season on The Bachelorette so far this season, and the cause seems to be ABC’s current villain of the day, Bentley Williams.

bachelorette bentley and ashley

What we see on TV: Ashley Hebert was warned a suitor would appear on the Bachelorette to woo her, but for the wrong reasons. He came on initially for self-serving purposes, and charmed her while making fun of her behind her back. Ashley fell head over heals for him and was devastated when he left the show to “return to his daughter”. She has since been unable to move on with the other guys, because she wonders about what could have been with Bentley and needs closure. The person who warned her, Michelle Money, is coming off as a hero, and Bentley an evil jerk who came on the show just to hurt Ashley.

What seems to be the untold story: Bentley and his wife were in talks to reconcile when the opportunity to appear on the Bachelorette arose, and when Bentley thought he had a shot at Emily Maynard, reconciliation ended. The ex-wife was not happy about this, and when it turned out the Bachelorette would be Ashley Hebert instead, she was still not happy with her husband running off to compete for some other woman and not work on the marriage instead.

Bentley’s ex-wife is friends with Michelle Money, who let her know that Ashley is an atheist and apparently suffers from “gas problems”. Bentley’s ex-wife was very happy to share this with him, hoping to gross him out so he wouldn’t be interested. It worked- strict Mormon and a fan of more delicate women, Bentley was no longer attracted to Ashley, but the show liked him (his looks? his charm?) and persuaded him to still appear, telling him it would be a boost to his business. He agreed, but since he had no interest in an atheist with gas problems, he planned to stay on a short time only.

Bentley talked a lot of smack about Ashley, but he wasn’t aware she would ever see it. Unlike fellow bachelor William, who told Ashley to her face that he was hoping the Bachelorette would be Chantal O’Briend or Emily, Bentley didn’t want to hurt her feelings. He shared his opinions privately, and ABC used that info to turn him into a villain. They also apparently edited and took a lot of what he said out of context to make him look like the nastiest man that ever walked the earth (it’s not clear that a lot of what he said was even about Ashley).

the bachelorette abc

Needless to say, they never mentioned Bentley’s business, because it would have been a financial assassination instead of a boost and he would have had a lawsuit, but reports indicate his business is suffering just the same when people realize who he is. Honestly, considering that he was dishonest with Ashley, competed with and took the place of men who were really interested in her, and was utterly two-faced, I’m not sure I’d want to do business with him either, but as a whole, it makes sense that there was more to this story than a Mormon father of a young girl going on TV to humiliate a stranger for no reason whatsoever.

Michelle Money had a scandalous past that included an affair with a married athlete whose wife was busy nursing their sick child in the hospital. Telling Bentley’s ex-wife about Ashley’s flatulence could have been an act of jealousy because she was not the Bachelorette, and warning Ashley seemed more a way to get back at Bentley and support his angry ex-wife, since it would have been satisfying to see Ashley reject him right away. This plan back-fired, Ashley zeroed her interest in on Bentley, and yet somehow Michelle is being hailed as a true friend to Ashley. The ex-wife says she no longer is sure she wants to reconcile with him because of this “mean side” that has now come to light, but his indication that he preferred Emily is probably a bigger factor.

The biggest losers will likely be Ashley and her final choice. They are just starting their relationship, and seeing his fiance raked over the coal on national tv by a man she pined for who called her an ugly duckling…well, let’s just say it isn’t going to do much to increase her prestige in his eyes. What a way to start your love story (way to go ABC). I hope they are strong enough to survive this embarassment.

Fun trivia: Chris from The Bachelorette is one of the most popular Bachelorette-related Google searches, and I have a feeling it’s not Chris Harrison everyone is interested in! (Chris Lambton updates are still sought out by his female fans).

PS Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright are currently engaged (he proposed this last weekend)

note: this information is gossip and hearsay, meant for entertainment purposes and not confirmed with any of the subjects in any way.

  • Kelly

    I saw that Chris and Peyton are engaged! They seem perfect for each other – very down to earth!

    I think we might this sabotage trend continue – I mean the wrestler (I forget his name) last season and his girlfriend he was still in contact with and now Bentley. Ratings jackpot!

  • Lynsey @MoscatoMom

    I LOVE this!! I actually love the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows and have watched every single season from the beginning. The best part about this Season has been teaching my Tween daughter how NOT to look desperate, needy, and wimpy to a man.. how UNATTRACTIVE that is.
    Though I do think that Bentley has been made into a vilian, I do not think they had to stretch much of the truth to do so.

  • I still think he is a total jerk 😉