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Boys, Candy, Lost Teeth and Cavities

Visiting the dentist is not usually high up on the list of fun things to do, and for a child who knows there will be drilling involved, it can be terrifying. Maybe even more so for his mother who feels guilty because her son’s five year old teeth have those cavities in the first place. […]

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The Last Day of Our Disney Family Vacation

Our Disney World Family vacation was jam-packed with fun, and our last day was no exception. This was the time where we basically sat back, and were entertained, including live shows of our favorite animated Disney films at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and more live shows and action at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Our evening culminated in […]

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Sweet Cream Bread Pudding Recipe

Spring is here! I love that feeling you get when everything starts to thaw out after a very cold winter, and those glorious first rays of warm sunshine start peeking out to warm you up and fill you with a buzz of energy. You know the days will start growing longer and the birds will […]

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Our Disney Family Vacation Part 2 + Video

Our Disney World Family Vacation was four days jam-packed with fun, so after the first 24 hours that we shared about here, the extravaganza continued with each day more action! I really couldn’t tell you what we loved best, because there was soo much to enjoy, and each activity on its own was something spectacular. […]

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