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Jumping Up And Down #SummerOfGroupon

This post brought to you by Summer of Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine. You know what my favorite memories as a kid were? Just running around, jumping, skipping and hopping, without a care in the world. Surrounded by other kids in a big open space, the freedom and adrenaline rush of just letting go […]

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  • Looks like they had a blast! I know my nieces and nephews would go crazy if we had a place like this near them to play in!!!ReplyCancel

    • That looks like a superfun time! I have very fond memories of those types of places!ReplyCancel

  • What a fun place to play! I wish they had these places when I was little.ReplyCancel

  • Awe. They certainly looked like they had a TON of fun! The girls haven’t done any kind of bounce house thing, except for at parties. They always have a lot of fun so I should probably look into finding a center that has more to plan on!ReplyCancel

  • Those were always some of my favorites too, especially the slides!ReplyCancel

  • Multiple sessions for such a low price? That’s pretty incredible!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my gosh – your boys are so precious. I remember taking my daughter to places like these was great fun for her when she was in pre-school. Good for me too because we usually went with friends and I could socialize as well. Those are fantastic Groupons for the admission – definitely a bargain for the kids to bounce off some energy.ReplyCancel

  • My little guy would love that. We have a BounceU really close to us!ReplyCancel

  • It looks like they had a lot of fun! :)ReplyCancel

  • What a great groupon deal – and how much fun do they look like they’re having in those pictures!? I bet they had a blast!!!ReplyCancel

  • I’m trying to keep my kids entertained, but as summer continues I’m running out of ideas. Soon the “I’m bored” statements will start rolling in. I need to check out Groupon! Your kids look like they had a blast!ReplyCancel

  • My grandkids love bounce houses. I wish I had a big space to have one in the house.ReplyCancel

  • Sounds like a great deal and a perfect way to spend a summer day that is too hot of being outside. My kids are older and all working this summer, so I have a lot of free time on my hands, maybe I should look for some groupons to keep me from getting bored!ReplyCancel

  • I know the kids had a ball here, looks like fun.ReplyCancel

  • When my son was younger he could spend all day at bounce houses. We even had a couple of birthday parties at them. Now he loves going to Jump Jam… it’s a local trampoline place. All the floors are trampolines.ReplyCancel

  • My kids love these types of places. They’ve only been twice. I should take them to the local one soon.ReplyCancel

We Know How We’ll Be Traveling #GoRVing @GoRVing

One of my life goals, at the top of my bucket list, is to travel to every state in the United States. From one side of this beautiful country to the other, the land is varied and beautiful and interesting, and so are the people, and so is the history…I just want to take it […]

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  • I’d love to travel to all 50 states. An RV would be the way I’d want to do it, too.ReplyCancel

  • Deborah .S

    I love a road trip I live in NY but never thought about using an RV took the kids on road trips in a SUV they love staying at hotels in Maine, NC,SC,PA,AND GA .As they got older and our schedule changed I just went by myself my first was to NO (2) NM,(3)Seattle and the best of them all was to Fairbanks Alaska .I have pass many people with RVS and wonder when they will get where they going of just seen them broke down on the highway mind you I was not in a hurry I was on vacation driving my SUV I think one day I might try it but not sure I might go to far with it. but good luck I have one more road trip to make this time to death valley maybe I will see you and beep the horn at you good luck .ReplyCancel

Summertime Fun & Travel #MomTrust @PlaytexBaby

We’ve been having one of the best summers, with activities every weekend, and daily days at the park. We’ve been to the aquarium, museums, jumped on trampolines, dined at great restaurants, and so much more. We made s’mores, created art on our sidewalks, and had tickle wars, and I’m grateful there is still plenty of […]

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  • Looks like you guys are having a blast, that’s what summer is all about.ReplyCancel

  • Have fun making all those memories this summer. This is the last one with our daughter before we drop her off at college in just 37 days (sob). We’ve been trying to do a lot of fun things together too, this week we’re going to a video game convention with her!ReplyCancel

  • Your summer sounds full! I am enjoying reading about all of your adventures!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve visited with both of my kids so far this summer, and I’m taking a trip with my daughter next month. You’ve been so busy, but it all looks fun!ReplyCancel

    • Penelope

      Seeing your kids is always the best thing :)ReplyCancel

  • Looks like such a fun and educational way to spend the day with the family.ReplyCancel

  • Your family has had such an adventure this summer and made so many wonderful memories! I love seeing the pics and getting a peek into your family time!ReplyCancel

  • It sounds like you have had a pretty enjoyable summer so far! I’ve been trying to enjoy it much as I can with my family, despite the heat. :)ReplyCancel

Summer Beauty Makeover #SummerOfGroupon

This post brought to you by Summer of Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s been a long time since I last had highlights. I mean a looong time. I thought it had been around six months, and my dark roots were depressing me in the midst of a summer of sunshine and fun. When […]

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  • ohhh I didn’t know they had summer deals in Groupon! Time to go check it out!!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve noticed that the Groupons for my area have been really great this season. I haven’t done much for myself as I’m currently working towards a real estate license, but many of my friends are using Groupon.

    I guess my beauty treat is getting my nails done every two weeks.ReplyCancel

    • Penelope

      I saw a Groupon for a real estate license!ReplyCancel

  • I normally rely on Groupon when I’m needing a trim or highlights. I have only had one bad experience so far, but not bad enough for me to avoid Groupon. I have found some really, really good stylists on there! :)ReplyCancel

  • Yay…I really need to get some highlights…I’ll have to pay closer attention to the Groupons. LOVE the split picture too!ReplyCancel

  • Next week I’m getting a keratin treatment on my hair so I’m really excited! I hope I like it.ReplyCancel

  • I go on the 22nd to get my hair touched up! I had no idea to look on groupons! That picture is really cute!ReplyCancel

  • I LOVE the photo(shopped) picture of you looking in the mirror – fantastic :) Our budget unfortunately doesn’t include beauty treatments for me. Just too many other things that need to be paid for in the house and for our daughter’s college education. I should look on Groupon to see if I can find a good deal for a local salon, maybe I’d be able to justify it then!ReplyCancel

  • Love the new look!! I love Groupon. I’ve had great experiences except for one time but Groupion was very quick to help me solve the issue with this place.ReplyCancel

  • I just love Groupon – I have found so many great deals there!ReplyCancel

    • I love that mirror photo! Ingenious. And, I’m reminded that I really need to get some highlights. You look great!ReplyCancel

  • Sounds like some great deals. I love how you did your photo too so cool!ReplyCancel

  • I only get my hair highlighted (and sadly cut) once a quarter. I need to find a new salon so will likely go to Groupon for to try out the salon’s services at a discount.ReplyCancel

  • I haven’t been able to use groupon for my stylist, but I have been able to score some sweet summer weekend getaways.ReplyCancel

  • You’re always gorgeous, but I understand the desire to get a makeover and really feel good about yourself. I wish I could afford to do something like this when the boys and I get home, because I am in rough shape!ReplyCancel

    • Penelope

      I think us moms just really put ourselves last, especially when our kids are young. I’m surprised when I realize how much time passes since the last time I did something I used to do often and take for granted (I used to get a monthly pedicure, now I get one once a year if I’m lucky). We moms give our kids all our time and money ;-)ReplyCancel

  • You are going to town with these Groupons! I need to check them out in my area.ReplyCancel

  • I’ll have to go check it out. Groupon never has anything for our small town, but maybe that has changed. I’m in need of anew hair!ReplyCancel

  • I’d like to have microdermabrasion done, so I need to check and see if I can find a Groupon deal for it. I know I’ve seen them before, but was on the fence about doing it, now I know I want to.ReplyCancel

  • I’m so glad to hear that you got to be spoiled this way. I wish I had a good salon to go to in my area! Del is willing to give me a spa day, but there’s none close to me.

    I love that picture with the different views of you in the mirror. I never knew there were so many deals with Groupon available.ReplyCancel

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten my hair cut as well. Thanks for the reminder about that and Groupon.ReplyCancel

  • I haven’t done anything for my beauty routine but I sure do need a trim!

    Neat photo!ReplyCancel

Adventures Under The Sea #SummerOfGroupon

This post brought to you by Summer of Groupon. All opinions are 100% mine. My pirate-loving sons wanted to go on a treasure hunt, so in a tank full of baby sharks and tropical fish, they hunted for the treasures of Atlantis as part of the Pirate Snorkel Adventure at Atlantis Aquarium (aka Long Island […]

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