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Star Wars Back To School Lunches

Last year I signed my son up for the hot lunch program at school, and thought he’d be thrilled to have burgers, chicken fingers, or pizza for lunch every day. Instead, he pouted over not being able to bring lunch from home to school anymore like he used to (in preschool where there was no […]

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The Best Single Serve Coffee + A Coffee Lover’s Giveaway

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee with what just might be the tastiest (and coolest) cups of joe I ever found, from Brooklyn Bean Roastery. These coffees come in a range of flavors that are utterly delicious, and really cover every flavor you could imagine for coffee or hot cocoa. From Coney […]

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  • Denise S

    My favorite flavor is French Vanilla.ReplyCancel

  • Barbara

    I like their Vanilla Skyline flavor the best. Thanks for the chance to win!ReplyCancel

  • Keri justice

    I love coffee period. My favorite is probably mocha or caramel coffee. But anything goes here!!ReplyCancel

  • Ann Fantom

    Hazelnut is my favorite flavored coffee flavorReplyCancel

  • Linda Kish

    I think I would love the Coney Island Caramel. I sometimes need a break from my usual vanillas.ReplyCancel

  • I’d love to try all these flavors! We love coffee! I would pick hazelnut as my favorite but French vanilla comes in close! 😀ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    French Vanilla is my favoriteReplyCancel

  • Mary Campbell

    Love anything mocha and/or coconutReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth J

    I like hazelnut coffee.ReplyCancel

  • Fran

    anything with a chocolate flavorReplyCancel

  • Jaque

    I am a coffee fanatic, it is difficult one I don’t like….that said, my favorite is Southern Butter Pecan. :-) Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Kristen

    My favorite is Hazelnut.ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Burch

    The peanut butter cup hot cocoa looks amazing!ReplyCancel

  • elizabeth p

    Thanks for the chance.ReplyCancel

  • Adrienne Gordon

    I like morning blendReplyCancel

  • HS

    I love hazelnut flavor.ReplyCancel

  • Sandy Klocinski

    My favorite flavor is Maple SleighReplyCancel

  • Deborah Stinson

    I tend to prefer regular roast coffee and have not tried any of these flavors but they all sound delicious, especially the hazelnut.ReplyCancel


    Breakfast Blend is my favorite flavor.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Christy

    I’d like to try the Maple Sleigh Coffee – sounds wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Zerbini

    My favorite is the hot chocolate!ReplyCancel

  • Stephen Anderson

    I like the Hot CocoaReplyCancel

  • Debbi Wellenstein

    I like their French roast coffees.ReplyCancel

  • nickie

    My favorite flavor is French Vanilla.ReplyCancel

  • jules m.

    i love just regular ol’ breakfast blend. but the peanut butter cup cocoa sounds delightfulReplyCancel

  • I’d like Coney Island Caramel!ReplyCancel

  • Ann Muth

    coconut is my favorite flavored coffee right now, and hazelnut is a routine secondReplyCancel

  • heather s

    I need Peanut butter cup hot cocoa. That sounds heavenlyReplyCancel

  • Heather S

    I love the Espress-o!ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Davis

    I would love to try the Coney Island Caramel.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley C

    My favorite flavor is caramel cappuccino or hot chocolate :)ReplyCancel

  • mickeyfan

    Coney Island Carmel sounds great.ReplyCancel

  • Sue

    The Fireside cider is very good. Would love to try the Peanut Butter Cup hot cocoa since it combines my two favorite things, peanut butter and chocolate.ReplyCancel

  • Heather B

    You had me at Peanut Butter Cup You can never go wrong with Peanut Butter!ReplyCancel

  • Trisha Burgess

    The tootsie roll hot cocoa will definitely be a favorite for everyone in my house! Yummy!!ReplyCancel

  • Terra Heck

    I think I’d really like the Vanilla Skyline flavor. Thanks.

  • Michele Baron

    My favorite flavor would be The Coney Island Caramel – hot or iced it would be terrificReplyCancel

  • Brenda Haines

    Mmmm Tootsie Roll hot cocoa! Yum!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Rooney

    I love Brooklyn Beans Coney Island Carmel. It is super yummyReplyCancel

  • Julia Barnes

    My favorite is the Hazelnut.ReplyCancel

  • Jannet Kwan

    I love to try the Hazelnut.ReplyCancel

  • Heather!

    I don’t know what it would be like, but I’d love to try Maple Sleigh! Sounds delicious!ReplyCancel

  • Nannypanpan

    I like breakfast blendReplyCancel

  • Harmony B

    Love chocolate or just a dark roast coffeeReplyCancel

  • Debbie Welchert

    My favorite flavor of coffee is white chocolate mocha.ReplyCancel

  • Kalli C

    Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa? That sounds yummy!ReplyCancel

  • Brittney House

    I really like the hazelnut flavor the most.ReplyCancel

  • deana

    My favorite flavor is the Express-o! Thanks for the chance.ReplyCancel

  • Francine Anchondo

    I like French VanillaReplyCancel

  • Susan Smith

    I’d like to try the Coney Island CarmelReplyCancel

  • janna johnson

    Coney Island Caarmel!!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle

    My favorite is the Vanilla SkylineReplyCancel

  • Giant Sis

    That peanut butter cup hot cocoa looks amazing!!ReplyCancel

  • Robin

    French Vanilla is my favorite flavor.ReplyCancel

  • Nick M

    Hazelnut or French vanilla.ReplyCancel

  • Gayle J

    I don’t have just one favorite my top 3 are caramel, hazelnut and amaretto.ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn G

    The breakfast blendReplyCancel

  • Steph

    Hot chocolate!! YumReplyCancel

  • Susan Chester

    I love Hazel Nut flavored coffee. Yum!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    My favorite flavor is Express-o.ReplyCancel

  • sue14625

    i like french roast coffee with french vanilla flavoring but i also like to try different coffee flavors.
    thank you for hosting this giveawayReplyCancel

  • rachelr

    i would love to try the hazelnut and the cocoa. love the designs of the kcupsReplyCancel

  • Erica B.

    Vanilla is my favorite.ReplyCancel

  • Dave L

    I would like to try Hazelnut. Thank you for the chance to win!ReplyCancel

  • Penny Snyder

    LOVE the seasonal flavors – such as pumpkin!!~ReplyCancel

  • susan smoaks

    I think the peanut butter cup hot cocoa would be my favorite flavor. I really like peanut butter.ReplyCancel

  • joe gersch

    I like French VanillaReplyCancel

  • deana

    My favorite flavor would be the Fuhgeddaboutit dark roast! Thanks for the chance.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Larison

    Hazelnut for me, it’s the best flavor in everything!ReplyCancel

  • shawna

    French vanilla is my fav.ReplyCancel

  • Kyl Neusch

    Vanilla Skyline flavorReplyCancel

  • Jammie

    Never tried this brand, but my favorite coffee flavor is Mocha Swirl and Vanilla Caramel.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Freer

    I love Mocha flavored coffee.ReplyCancel

  • Laurie Emerson

    My all time favorite is French Vanilla but I love a good Hazelnut too.ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen S.

    It is hard to choose a favorite, but probably Coney Island Caramel. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Eugenia Hall

    I think I’d like the Fuhgeddaboutit Dark Roast the best, I like a bold cup of coffee!ReplyCancel

  • LaTanya

    I love french vanillaReplyCancel

  • Emily B.

    I would like to try Express-O. I love strong brews!ReplyCancel

  • Jaime Cummings

    They all sound yummy but Coney Island Carmel sounds best!ReplyCancel

  • Terry Bellender

    Mine’s actually a tie between french vanilla and caramel mocha.ReplyCancel

Cheesy Baked Chicken + Green Bean Casserole + A Giveaway

Ever in the mood to just snack on something, without making a whole meal out of it? John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks are just right- cheesy sourbread baked to a crispy, crunchy snack. With CheeseSticks in flavors like Garlic Romano or Cheddar & Scallion, CheeseCrisps in Cheddar Rosemary or Sesame Gruyère, and SweetSticks in Java Cinnamon […]

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  • Derrick Johnson

    I would love to try the Garlic Romano flavor!ReplyCancel

  • Belinda Shaw

    they look really yummyReplyCancel

  • Joanne Schultz

    Madagascar Vanilla Sweetsticks look delicious!
    Thanks for the giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Janet Hayes

    Would like to try this product.ReplyCancel

  • Carey Cossey

    original cheddar!!ReplyCancel

  • Amber Cheras

    Love dutch chocolate but they all sound amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Linda Kish

    I would like to try the Java Cinnamon flavor.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Kish

    I would like to try the Asiago & Cheddar CheeseCrisps.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa R

    Sesame Gruyere – yum!ReplyCancel

  • David

    The Dutch Chocolate are my favorite of the sweetsticks and the cheddar and scallion are my favorite cheesesticks.ReplyCancel

  • Kristen

    Cheddar & Scallion sounds delicious.ReplyCancel


    Java Cinnamon SweetSticks sounds delicious.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Christy

    I was all set to say Garlic Romano but I can’t quit thinking about Dutch chocolate!ReplyCancel

  • Ronda

    These all look so good. I would love to try the Dutch Chocolate first.ReplyCancel

  • I’d like the cheddar and Scallion Cheese Sticks.ReplyCancel

  • LynneMarie

    The Dijon Swiss are my favorite ones.ReplyCancel

  • Heather B

    The Madagascar Vanilla sounds amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Trisha Burgess

    The Madagascar vanilla sweet sticks would be my favorite!ReplyCancel

  • Laurajj

    Oh they all look so good! We have not tried them before, I have to look for these at the store. I think my family would go nuts over them! I think my favorite would be the Asiago Cheddar Cheesecrisps!ReplyCancel

  • Steph

    I am boring I like the original cheddar ;)ReplyCancel

  • Heather!

    Mmm…Cheddar & Scallion sounds yummy! Or, for my sweet tooth, Madagascar Vanilla!ReplyCancel

  • Nannypanpan

    I’d like cheddar RosemaryReplyCancel

  • Harmony B

    THe java cinnamon sounds yummyReplyCancel

  • Debbie Welchert

    I’ve never had these before and they look and sound really good. I would love to try the Melting Parmesan ones.ReplyCancel

  • Brenda Haines

    The Garlic Ramano looks so good!ReplyCancel

  • DJ

    I would love to try the Cheddar and Scallion.ReplyCancel

  • Annamarie V

    It’s tough picking a favorite so many great flavors but the number one is melting parmesan.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    My favorite is John Wm. Macy’s Melting Parmesan CheeseSticks.ReplyCancel

  • Janet Hayes

    I would like to try the Java Cinnamon sticks.ReplyCancel

  • LaTanya

    the java cinnamon sticksReplyCancel

Teaching Our Sons How To Iron + A Giveaway

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Faultless Starch. The opinions and text are all mine. Everyone is crazy about a sharp dressed young man, and I have three. My husband wears a uniform to work every day, my older son wears a uniform to school, and all three wear crisp […]

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  • Mami2jcn

    I like the tip about using hairspray to remove a ballpoint pen ink stain.ReplyCancel

  • LaTanya

    I like this tip: Oil and Grease
    Spray with pre-wash containing a petroleum distillate. Launder using the hottest water safe for fabric, increasing the amount of detergent.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    I like the How To Remove A Stain tips.ReplyCancel

  • Terra Heck

    My favorite tips are in the Laundry Care section on how to remove stains. Thanks.

  • Carole Spring

    One of my favorite tips was to rinse off the nozzle of the starch spray can when you’re finished using it so the next time it will not be clogged.ReplyCancel

  • Trisha Burgess

    I love the tip on how to get rid of pet hair! Our dogs and cat shed really bad! I’m going to try this and hopef It helps!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Smith

    I like the tip about removing oil and grease stains: Spray with pre-wash containing a petroleum distillate. Launder using the hottest water safe for fabric, increasing the amount of detergent.ReplyCancel

  • Rita Sheppard

    My favorite tip is how to clean an iron.ReplyCancel

  • DJ

    I like the tip on how to clean an iron.ReplyCancel

  • vickie couturier

    my favorite tip;
    Spray and iron again along the crease line to ensure a sharp, smart crease.ReplyCancel

  • Denise S

    I like the top about using this to remove dog hair from furniture easier.ReplyCancel

  • Aaron

    My favorite tip is “Simply start ironing from the ends and work your way toward the center of the collar.”ReplyCancel

  • HS

    I like the tip of removing coffee and tea. (Sponge immediately with cold water.)ReplyCancel

  • Kristen

    My favorite is HOW TO IRON A SHIRT.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Brown

    My favorite tip is in the “How to Iron Different fabrics”: For wool – use a damp cloth between iron and fabric. Iron on a low heat and use steam. Thanks for the chance :)
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot comReplyCancel

  • cyndi br

    how to smooths out creases and wrinklesReplyCancel

  • Stefanie Gladden

    my favorite tip is definitely the HOW TO REMOVE DOG HAIR tip!! we have a dog that sheds everywhere! My clothes always have dog hairs all over them!ReplyCancel

  • amanda whitley

    i like the tip about mixing flour with the starch to make a paper mache paste.ReplyCancel

  • Julie
  • Terry Stevens

    My favorite tip is I learned how to clean an iron.ReplyCancel

  • Ann

    My kids are always making stains left and right on their clothes so the removing stains tip was super helfulReplyCancel

  • Linda

    My fave tip was removing perspiration stains.
    Wash or sponge off as soon as possible, using warm water and a detergent or a pre-wash before washing. If colors have been changed, it’s possible to restore them by sponging fresh stains with ammonia or vinegar and rinsing with water. Use cleaning fluid if an oily stain remains. Launder using the hottest water safe for the fabric.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Christy

    How to Remove Dog Hair is my favorite tip since I live with a shedder!ReplyCancel

  • laura g

    I like the how to iron different fabrics chart. I had no idea. I have always just turned the iron on and waited for it to et hot and then got it over with though I have always used Faultless Starch. :)ReplyCancel

  • I like the tips about HOW TO MAXIMIZE CLOSET SPACE.ReplyCancel

  • Harmony B

    I like to clean an ironReplyCancel

  • Elle

    I like their tip about using hairspray to get rid of ballpoint ink stains.ReplyCancel

  • Donna

    i read all of the stain removal tips and loved them!ReplyCancel

  • julie

    hairspray for removing stains is brilliantReplyCancel

  • Heather B

    I love the tip on how to remove dog hair. I definitely have to try this!ReplyCancel

Summer Is For Baseball, Ice Cream, & Iced Coffee

Summertime is meant for being outdoors, and every day we are doing fun activities to make the most of it. Whether watching an outdoor movie, playing a new sport for the first time, or spying snails in our yard, we are heading out and seeing what adventures await. My best friend and I love to […]

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