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Your Next Favorite Meal + A Chance To Win $100 #TasteOfGroupon

This post brought to you by Groupon. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Penelope’s Oasis. Our family recently had one of the best, adventure filled summers, because of great deals we found on Groupon. Now that the weather is turning cooler, we may venture outdoors less for play, but we still need […]

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  • We haven’t used Groupon yet to eat out, and I don’t know why we haven’t! It would be a great way to try out new places in our area at a good price, and I love that they are donating to Feeding America too.ReplyCancel

  • Wow, great partnership- Groupon and Feeding America! It’s always tough to eat in a swanky place and not finish your meal when you know some people don’t have any food. Glad we can still help others in some way.ReplyCancel

  • I love Groupon. I’ve gotten lots of great deal over the last few years from them.ReplyCancel

Hunt’s Cheesy Beef Lasagna Recipe + Twitter Party #FlavorServed

This post brought to you by Hunt’s®. All opinions are 100% mine. Lasagna has it all, and the cheesier the better. I made the most delicious lasagna recently with a recipe I found on Hunts.com with Hunt’s® diced tomatoes, Hunt’s pasta sauce, and Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese. Hunt’s and Kraft partnered to offer a medley […]

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Because The Best Is Yet To Come #WGUgrad

I often hear that a college degree is a necessity these days. It’s certainly practical and can open a lot of doors, allowing most of us to go further in our lives. As a parent I will make sure my children have every opportunity to be well educated, no matter what they decide to do […]

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The Prettiest Pumpkin Craft + $50 Gift Card Giveaway #DTVSC

The autumn is full of color, and is one of the most beautiful times of year. Here in New York, the leaves turn the most gorgeous shades of gold, fiery red, and sunset orange. It’s breathtaking, so of course I love to bring some of these colors into my home with some vibrant decorating. I’m […]

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Stylish Girls Need Stylish Band-Aids #StuckonIsaac

This post brought to you by BAND-AID® Brand. All opinions are 100% mine. I recently received a gift of a “girl’s survival kit” that included pretty adhesive bandages with glitter, chevron, and polkadot patterns. When I cut myself and needed to use one, I found myself actually hesitating because I did’t want to waste the […]

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  • These are so cute! It’s a plus when your kid likes using the cool band aids.ReplyCancel

  • These are some fabulous band aids. I never thought I would say that sentence ever. lol. ReplyCancel

  • These are the cutest, I have the Cynthia Rowley ones now I need these.ReplyCancel

  • Band-Aid’s have come so far since I was a kid. These look cool and I can definitely see the younger generation wearing them.ReplyCancel

  • No! No one should look forward to a paper cut as those are evil! I agree that a fun Band-Aid can make all the difference though!ReplyCancel

    • Penelope

      Hahaha, those are pretty bad :) Thanks goodness for less paper and more digital.ReplyCancel

  • These are SO cute!! What a cute way to style up a boring owie.ReplyCancel

  • Okay, I love this idea! It’s one of those… “Why didn’t I think of that?” kind of things. :)ReplyCancel

  • I totally love the girly band-aids so much better than character band-aids.ReplyCancel

  • Those are quite fashionable! I remember having some Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids that were similar to these.ReplyCancel

  • Those are some chic Band-aids that’s for sure. I always carry a box of them in my purse, these would be better than plain ones or kiddie ones ;)ReplyCancel

  • I love these Band-Aids. They have such cute styles nowadays.ReplyCancel

  • I took a giant slice out of my Achilles heel area two weeks ago shaving, and man oh man, did that bleed. I had NO bandaids on hand. I’m picking some of these up so when I do get sloppy from shaving, I can at least look stylish while healing.ReplyCancel

  • These are adorable! I love to get pretty bandaids for the kids and myself!ReplyCancel

  • You can totally spot a mom when you see her character bandages. These are much prettier, and I know the kids would love them too.ReplyCancel

  • We go through so many band aids. I think we would go through more if we bought character or pretty ones!ReplyCancel