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Infuse Some Style Into Your Holiday Wardrobe At The NYC Grand Opening Of @KiplingUsa #KiplingHoliday

Lately I’ve finally turned an eye back to myself, and started splurging a bit here and there. I’m a busy mom, and while I know that means a lot of running around, and very little sleep, it doesn’t mean I can’t look stylish as I go. I’ve been wanting to inject some style into my […]

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Inspired By The Stars

Amateur astronomers are what I’m raising, and possibly future astronauts and Starship Captains. My sons have developed an interest in the stars, so after sharing our Beginner’s Guide to Stargazing recently, and enjoying learning about constellations and planets together, I thought it would be wonderful to also encourage their creativity with arts and crafts and […]

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  • This is such a cute craft idea! I don’t have any new ideas to share… but love yours. :)ReplyCancel

  • My son and I did a project much similar to this about a month ago. He’s really into astronomy, too. :)ReplyCancel

  • That has to be the tastiest way to learn the phases of the moon that I’ve ever seen!ReplyCancel

  • What a create idea to learn about the moon. I love that they used an oreo cookie.ReplyCancel

  • Oh I love the moon dust my daughter would love that.ReplyCancel

  • My daughter would so love the moon dust, it’s something she’d really be into.ReplyCancel

  • Wow, this is super dope! My son would love this!ReplyCancel

  • It’s so sweet that you’re sharing the interests of your sons. I’m sure having you to explore with him makes it even more exciting.ReplyCancel

  • I know we have done at least one astronomy craft but it was very simple and was from our worksheets. These look like fun! I wonder what my children could come up with on their own? They are pretty creative.ReplyCancel

Let The Stains Fall Where They May @Clorox #Clorox2

I have three males in this house who really know how to get dirty- they’ve elevated it to an art form. It’s my job to keep them looking great after one of them has been playing soccer or training or simply jumping in muddy puddles. Even dinner time is an event, with a toddler who […]

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Christmas Bedtime Stories

I love reading my sons stories at bedtime. It’s a time of day I cherish, and they love snuggling together under the blanket and listening to me read. My older son is now old enough to start understanding what Christmas is about, he has caught the spirit of the upcoming holidays through the excited chatter […]

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  • The entire Theo series is done so well. Parents who are trying to teach their children faith fundamentals can be assured that the books and DVDs are well written and present the Bible accurately and the truth of it without compromise. I’m so glad your family likes this book! I bet they’d like the other products in the Theo Presents line as well.ReplyCancel

  • My daughter is at the age where she wants to read to me. It’s sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Such a cute series of books. It makes me long for the days when I red bedtime stories to my teen when he was a young boy.ReplyCancel

  • I absolutely LOVE books such as this, ones that teach, over those that are just for fun.ReplyCancel

  • Sounds like a great book for children! We love reading too.ReplyCancel

  • rachel

    This looks like such a cute book. I need to get this to wrap for my 25 books for Christmas ;)ReplyCancel

  • It looks like a very sweet story. I appreciate stories that allow us to have a meaningful conversations afterwards. This sounds like a great fit for our family.ReplyCancel

  • I really like the character building this book supports. What a wonderful gift idea!ReplyCancel

  • What a colorful book I love the photo. Sounds like it is a great book to whare with your children.ReplyCancel

Inspired Gift Ideas #GiftCatalog

Creative gift ideas can sometimes be challenging, which is probably why gift cards top the list of most popular gifts last year. Sometimes it just seems easier to let the recipient choose their own gift, especially if you just aren’t sure what they might want or need but don’t have. Luckily, World Vision Gift Catalog […]

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  • Wow, they do have a lot of unique gifts! Those salad servers are beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Those serving spoons truly are beautiful. What a lovely gift they would make!ReplyCancel

  • rachel

    Those spoons are so pretty! I love wooden spoons. :)ReplyCancel

  • Those are simply gorgeous. I love how World Vision lets you give both a tangible gift and one to charity at the same time. It’s a great way to get all your holiday gifting done.ReplyCancel

  • Those wooden spoons are absolutely gorgeous. I bet they’d make a perfect gift for the holidays!ReplyCancel

  • I know I gave a lot of gift cards last year, but I’d love to gift more inspired items this year. Those spoons are so unique & beautiful. I know my sister would cherish them.ReplyCancel

  • We like getting the World Vision catalog. We also like choosing gifts to give to children or a family. I think our children are eyeing pets, but it will have to be small pets from us!ReplyCancel

  • The World Vision Catalog has so many wonderful gift ideas! I wanted to get those serving spoons (so unique), but I couldn’t resist selecting the coffee set since my dad loves coffee. :)ReplyCancel