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Sometimes It’s Ok For Kids To Play With Their Food

This post is sponsored by the Goldfish brand but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. My sons are artistic, and we have fun after school and on our days at home during school breaks and on weekends. We read together, build unique creations with STEM toys, and do arts and crafts. My […]

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STEM Learning At Home

Lately the boys have been interested in learning how things work, and they are asking lots of questions. They ask great questions, like what are clouds made from, and how do planets sail through the sky without falling anywhere, and how does a rollercoaster do that? I love that they are curious, so I subscribed […]

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A Penguin Encounter

A day with the penguins was what my son asked for as his birthday wish, so a day with the penguins was what he got. My sons both love animals, and a local-ish aquarium offers “Penguin Encounters” that allow guests to get up close to these feathered, non-flying friends. We started the day with church […]

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A Chuck E. Cheese’s Birthday Bash

My son’s 8th birthday is coming up, and birthdays are definitely something he gets very excited about. I love it too, but the planning the party part? Not so fun for me. It can be stressful and exhausting and just so time-consuming, so this year we decided to let Chuck E. Cheese’s do all the […]

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5 Tips For Parenting Without Regret

I was recently lamenting to a friend about what an awful mom I was. I had let my son fall asleep without brushing his teeth even though I knew he had sweets, and the result was the start down the road to cavities. I admit I’m full of mom guilt, but my friend looked at […]

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