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12 Children’s Books That Celebrate Dads

There’s nothing sweeter than those last few minutes before bedtime with your children. The bedtime stories, sweet songs, and tender snuggles make all of the woes of the day slip away. As much as I adore our nightly routine, I love that my husband gets to enjoy it also. Story time is his favorite time […]

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Building A World Of Knights and Treasure

Building creativity and a strong imagination in my sons is one of my goals as a mom, because the ability the see the possibilities and think outside the box will offer them a fuller, richer life. I know they can do anything, so I provide them with materials and let them just create. LEGOs are […]

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Inspired By The Stars

Amateur astronomers are what I’m raising, and possibly future astronauts and Starship Captains. My sons have developed an interest in the stars, so after sharing our Beginner’s Guide to Stargazing recently, and enjoying learning about constellations and planets together, I thought it would be wonderful to also encourage their creativity with arts and crafts and […]

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