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A House Filled With Music

The boys started taking piano lessons, and listening to them press the piano keys as they play their first, simple piano songs is a beautiful thing. There is music in this usually quiet house, and I love it 🎶 Since they are just starting out on their musical journey, they share an hour’s piano lesson […]

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Boys, Candy, Lost Teeth and Cavities

Visiting the dentist is not usually high up on the list of fun things to do, and for a child who knows there will be drilling involved, it can be terrifying. Maybe even more so for his mother who feels guilty because her son’s five year old teeth have those cavities in the first place. […]

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25 Days of Christmas Advent Activities Calendar Printable

Christmas is right around the corner, and we start planning early. It’s my favorite holiday of the year, and every year I try to do something different to make it special. I want my sons to find Christmas as magical as I do, so I created a printable Advent Activity Calendar of fun activities for […]

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On The Front Stoop With Lipton Iced Tea and Sugar Cookies

This is a partnered post. I love the fall, because the sun shines brightly with a warm beam, and a cool breeze  drifts through the air. It’s a beautiful time of year, and in New York the changing colors of the leaves adds to the beautiful atmosphere. Growing up, I remember fondly sitting on the […]

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The Indoor Campout With RITZ “Campfire Bites” Recipe

The cooler weather means less time outdoors, and after a summer where my sons discovered camping, I felt bad to tell them those days were at an end. There is something very fun about spending the night not in their beds that seems like a major adventure, and they loved sleeping on the ground and […]

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