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How to Help Your Energetic or Distracted Child Focus

You’ve probably lost count of the times you have given your son a simple command, like “Go clean your room,” only to find him (minutes later) jumping on his bed, surrounded by toys. Obviously no cleaning has occurred. Instead, like every time before, he got sidetracked. Distracted. It’s challenging to help our energetic, easily distracted, […]

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Just Get Out And Play!

This summer we made sure to get out every day and enjoy the sun and time off from school, and discovered that our boys are quite the little athletes. In past years they sort of sat on the sidelines and watched other kids play, having no interest in joining in, so this year we decided […]

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The Moments In Between The Rushing

Raising boys is a never-ending adventure, and while there are definitely challenges, there are many more wonderful aspects. I feel so busy most days between household chores, writing blog posts, and shuttling my sons between school and lessons and play dates, and those slow moments I always wish would happen, where we’d just sit together, […]

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12 Children’s Books That Celebrate Dads

There’s nothing sweeter than those last few minutes before bedtime with your children. The bedtime stories, sweet songs, and tender snuggles make all of the woes of the day slip away. As much as I adore our nightly routine, I love that my husband gets to enjoy it also. Story time is his favorite time […]

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