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March: No Sugar

Giving up sugar was extremely hard, because I love my daily cup(s) of coffee and can’t stand coffee black, so how was I going to enjoy my daily motivator? Then I watched this documentary on Amazon Prime and Sugar Coated on Netflix, and that was it. Sugar was gone, and the idea of eating something […]

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February: Intermittent Fasting

After a month with no dairy, I was ready for my next challenge: intermittent fasting. Intermittent Fasting recently hit the internet with a major bang and struck me as nothing more than another fad, based on how many books and documentaries I suddenly found about fasting everywhere, and how many popular new facebook pages and […]

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January: No More Dairy

I recently read an article that suggests changing something every month to improve your life. It’s actually a blog post about building a luxurious life, one month at a time, but I can definitely appreciate its value to my goals and plans for 2018… it fits. Instead of a bunch of resolutions at the beginning […]

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Take Your Scalp To The Spa With Green Apple Goodness

My winter hair has been a little drab lately (and so has my mood- these short days make you sleepy!). I love aromatherapy for a pick-me-up, so finding out Head & Shoulders makes a Green Apple scented shampoo cheered me right up. It’s just what I needed during my shower to make me feel more […]

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Reveal The Beauty Underneath With Silk’n ReVit

Beautiful skin has become more important to me over the years, because I realize that the first thing I notice about a woman is her skin. A radiant, healthy looking complexion is so lovely, a sign of good health and youthfulness, that I often wish I had taken better care of it over the years. […]

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