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We Know How We’ll Be Traveling #GoRVing @GoRVing

One of my life goals, at the top of my bucket list, is to travel to every state in the United States. From one side of this beautiful country to the other, the land is varied and beautiful and interesting, and so are the people, and so is the history…I just want to take it […]

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Things To Do In Virginia Beach #VisitVaBeach

Road trips are something I grew up enjoying with my family, which is probably why my husband and I plan to take a lot with our own children. I have wonderful memories of long drives while we sing and talk, and fun places we’d visit during our vacations. One of my favorite places to visit […]

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Philadelphia Is On Our Mind This Winter

Whenever we think of taking a break, our thoughts turn to taking a road trip to someplace fabulous, and not too far that our kids don’t enjoy the travel (they are still little). For us New Yorkers, Philadelphia is practically a hop, skip and jump away. Philadelphia is full of culture and history, something we […]

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