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How We Hold On To Our Favorite Memories

We have a great picture of our son. He looks happy and handsome, and I didn’t want it buried among thousands of archived digital photos on my computer external hard drive, never to be seen again. Sometimes you take a picture that stands out and you want to display it and share it with everyone […]

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Balancing Work And Family In 2016

Many women work from home these days, and we are creating home offices for our work-at-home jobs. There are obvious benefits- more time at home with the family, no commute or transportation expense, and no dressing up for the office. On the other hand, there are constant interruptions and distractions, or chores, and the lack […]

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Welcome To Our Living Room

The living room is designed to be lived in, and a gorgeous, welcoming living room where everyone wants to spent time together is exactly the kind of living room I always wanted in our home. I also wanted to move past my typical black and cream tones and old-fashioned patterns I’ve become known for, and […]

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Home Accents For The Living Room

When you furnish your home, you tend to think in matching sets, but sometimes you just want to mix it up a little bit with different pieces you love. Or you have a bit of a bohemian heart and like the eclectic look. Or you simply fall in love with a rogue piece that you […]

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