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May: Conquer Your Finances

Einstein was a pretty smart man, and he is famously known to have said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” And well, I’ve neglected this financial marvel for far too long, and this year my husband and I turned […]

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Baking Cinnamon Banana Bread Pudding With Kids

I’ve partnered with Peapod to create this content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. On the weekends when we’re all home, we cook at home too, and my sons love to help me in the kitchen. I order our food from Peapod, a grocery food delivery service, so that my time isn’t […]

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Homemade Frosted Sugar Cookie Hot Cocoa

Chilly days with snow filled skies, wintery nights filled with cuddling and holiday movies. It’s the best time of the year, and a time we spend indoors a great deal by our faux fireplace with down blankets and puzzles and hot beverages. We recently had our first snow fall, which the boys watched with anticipation […]

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Our Family Potrait

This is a partnered post It’s been quite a while since we took a family portrait… five years to be exact. The last family photo we have hanging on a wall was when me younger son was not quite one year old, and my husband expressed disappointment about this. I agreed with him… we needed […]

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Easy Pecorino Romano Meatballs Recipe

This is a partnered post I love cheese, and always felt like a meal wasn’t a meal unless there was cheese incorporated into it. It just elevates the food, and the better the quality of the cheese, the better the overall gastronomic experience. Authentic, Italian original cheeses have a taste that is simply sublime, and […]

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