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A Wardrobe Created Just For Your Body

My body is a unique shape. Most of us have bodies that don’t fit a specific mold, but we buy cookie cutter clothes in department stores or online that we hope come close when we shop our general size. Sometimes the clothing looks great, and other times it’s a disappointing miss, especially when it’s an […]

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You Wouldn’t Talk This Way To Anyone Else #FightFatTalk

Have you started making your New Year’s resolutions yet? Mine are usually the same, and it always includes “Lose five pounds”. It’s great to be healthy and want to be in shape, and most of us have this as our goal. Most of us (usually women) also beat ourselves up about the shape we are […]

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Initials, Inc Accessories and Parties

I collect cute handbags. I think a lot of women do (along with shoes), and the next perfect handbag is probably always on our radar. They are also a great gift idea, especially if you pick out a classic style that is always in fashion. Personalizing gifts gives that extra touch, and Initials is a […]

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