About Penelope

Hello, and welcome to my oasis, the place I talk about creating a warm home and happy marriage, favorite beauty tips and homemaking ideas, and my love for photography and travel. My goal is to create a home that is truly an oasis for my family, a place they feel safe, happy, and loved. Pull up a chair, have some coffee, and relax while you read…I love being the hostess!

I’m Penelope Guzman, the work-at-home mom of two sweet and funny boys, as well as the wife of a brave man who is truly my hero. I’m a pharmacist by profession who is much more passionate about writing and photography, and as the cool James Faust once said, “A woman can have it all…sequentially.” I plan to have it all, even if it’s one thing at a time. I want to fully enjoy my young family here on Long Island, New York, before our boys grow up and venture out on their own, so took an indefinite sabbatical from my career to focus on my boys and blog.

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My loves:

* writing and photography
* beauty tips and diy tutorials
* traveling
* cooking healthy food and creating delicious recipes
* creative homemaking and decor
* my three guys

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After buying our first home, my focus was directed toward beautifying our home, making it a sanctuary where everything is neat and organized and comfy and cozy, we enjoy healthy meals together, and have lots of fun every day. We also love to travel, and as our sons grow up we plan to tour our wonderful country with them on road trips, to explore and learn together.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy and find something useful here, and feel free to join me in creating an oasis for your family as well.

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