About Penelope

Hello! Welcome to my oasis, the place I talk about parenting and marriage, cooking and homemaking, my favorite beauty and hair tutorials, and my growing love of photography. My goal is to become the ultimate domestic goddess here on Long Island, New York, so pull up a chair, have some coffee, and relax while you read…I love being the hostess!

I’m Penelope Guzman, a freelance writer, hobbyist photographer, and the work-at-home NY mom of two incredible boys, as well as the wife of a brave man who is truly my hero. In the past, I was a pharmacist and traveler, but as the cool James Faust once said, “A woman can have it all…sequentially.” I plan to have it all, one step at a time, and I’m at the mommy and wife stage in my travels through life (and enjoying every minute of it).

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My loves:

* writing and photography
* beauty tips and diy tutorials
* traveling
* cooking healthy food and creating delicious recipes
* creative homemaking and decorating
* my three men

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We recently bought our first home, and renovated a fixer upper into our dream house. One of my favorite new hobbies is finding ways to beautify our family home, and this is a big focus for me in 2014. I’ve also developed an utter love for photography, so you’ll find me talking about that a lot too, plus I love to go on educational adventures with our boys to learn new things- we particularly like museums and parks.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy and find something useful here, and feel free to contact me.

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