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Start On The Road To A Lean, Clean, Green 2018

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Every year we want to make it the best year ever, and every year we start with great resolutions to accomplish this. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don’t, but one thing is for sure- if we have the right tools to keep us on track, it’s that much easier to keep all your New Year resolutions for a leaner, greener, and cleaner year. This year I want to only put the best inside and on my body, I want to make sure I’m getting all my daily steps in (and then some), and I want to treat myself better with a bit of time each day where I relax and do something just for me.

I compiled a list of products to help me, starting with the gift of a luxurious shower.

Lean Green Healthy New Year

Stress relief with a shower massage

An invigorating shower is a great way to start the day, or end it. Waterpik has been making the best massaging shower heads for a long time, and the new Torrent with PowerSpray is my new favorite. It has 9 spray settings to make my daily shower the most relaxing ten minutes of my day. PowerPulse Massage Shower Heads are easy install shower heads and the chrome fits perfectly with my bathroom. The fact that it can be hand held with a 5 foot hose makes it a treat for my shorter sons too, because everyone in the family loves the feel of massaging water on their tired shoulders after a busy day of work, school, activities, and general life.

waterpik massaging shower head

I usually buy a Waterpik shower head as a gift for anyone who buys a new home, because after all the stress of a move, renovating, and everything it entails, nothing beats that massaging shower in a new home. It’s a most welcome gift, as a stocking stuffer, starting a new life in a new home, or starting a new year with the goal of taking better care of yourself and your well-being.

Stepping out in time

Walking is a great form of exercise, my first choice, so I started to count my daily steps with the goal of increasing overtime. The problem was my phone (which was tracking my steps) wasn’t always on me when I walked, so I didn’t have an accurate idea of how much exercise I actually was getting. The Casio G-Shock S series watch I’m now the proud owner of (the “Baby G” style) is a pretty, stylish women’s timepiece that is tough enough for my hectic life while also looking feminine and cute- the right watch for a life of athleisure. It’s sporty meets trendy, and considering how many watches and bracelets I’ve broken in the past (lots of banging jewelry against hard surfaces when you run around all day, and in every type of weather), the fact that it’s also shock and water resistant means that the busiest, most active of women can wear it with confidence.

casio baby g step tracker

It has all kinds of alarms and stopwatch functions, which helps me when I exercise and go from one thing to the next and need intervals timed, and the step tracker (tracking my steps all the time) is what makes it my favorite. I really care about staying as fit as I can, and I love that I can track my steps and time my exercises with a mint green G-Shock S Series Casio watch- totally my style!

Primal skincare

So you follow a healthy lifestyle, maybe Paleo, gluten-free, even vegan. Shouldn’t your skincare products and everything you use outside your body be just as good for you? Taking care of yourself includes what you put in your mouth, and what is absorbed into your body through your skin too, and Primal Life Organics is committed to creating products our primal ancestors could have made from nature- no dairy, wheat, toxins, chemicals, or irritants.

natural skincare and dental care

All-natural Primal Life products for wellness include Coffee Bean serum for the face, which seemed to really improve the dark circles under my eyes. I have to admit that I really need to work on getting a better night’s sleep, and until I do, I love that Primal Life Organics Coffee Bean Face Serum helps erase evidence that I’m lacking in this area. Primal Life Organics charcoal infused toothbrush is another product that I’m really excited about, because I really believe in the power of natural products to help us be healthier and more beautiful, and charcoal is known to clean and whiten teeth. I’ve only been using the tooth brush for a week and I notice I wake up with pretty good breath in the morning – a result of the detoxifying power of charcoal! I drink lots and lots of coffee too, and I don’t think I’m imagining that my teeth are looking brighter and whiter too, and the bristles just feel amazing on my gums- it’s my favorite tooth brush ever.

Primal Life Organics has other dental care products as well, such as the spearmint tooth powder made with all-natural ingredients like bentonite, sodium bicarbonate, and spearmint oil. It’s refreshing to use, tastes great, and leaves my mouth feeling incredibly clean (I notice my husband has been kissing me a lot more lately too). You can add Primal Life Organics skincare and dental care products to your medicine cabinet with a 20% off discount using code PLOBOXX217.

Extract the essence of a good life

There has been a big move lately to enjoying the antioxidant and general healthy benefits of phytocannabinoids, and Charlotte’s Web (made by CW Hemp) is considered the world’s most trusted hemp extract. Hemp is filled with Essential Fatty Acids like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as a great deal of antioxidants like vitamin E, which are nourishing for the skin and body. Charlotte’s Web Hemp is grown in the USA and can support overall wellness as you head into the new year, arming yourself with the highest quality neuroprotectants in these botanicals.

hemp extract skincare

CW Everyday Plus Infused Oil is a supplement that can be taken daily and it mint chocolate flavored, and CW Hemp Infused Balm is an invigorating balm that is soothing for my dry winter skin. My favorite product of all is the Hemp Infused Cream that nourishes my skin and is perfect to pop into my handbag to take along with me as I go about my day. It feels amazing! It’s all made cruelty-free with BPA free packaging, and is gluten free and non-GMO. You can order with a 10% off discount with code BABBOXA6XFRVPCIR00 (expires 2/15)

Focus in a capsule

I was never one to take supplements until I started reading about how helpful they really can be, and getting feedback from friends who tell me they changed their lives. I figured it didn’t hurt to try, so I started reading about different supplements to support good health and longevity. My goal is to live to be 120, and to live every year of it well. Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) provides energy, focus, and well-being, and The Synergy Company is fanatical about creating a pure, natural product that can help elevate productivity and alertness for 4+ hours.

matcha powder smoothies

Matcha is linked to cell protection, healthy heart function, a healthy cholesterol and blood sugar balance, memory support, and healthy weight management – pretty much everything that leads to a balanced, healthy life. Matcha has ten times the antioxidants other teas have, making it the healthiest, and many consider Match one of the healthiest things you can consume, period. If your goal this year is to enhance your well-being and productivity, and just to live each day to the fullest, Pure Synergy Organic Matcha Power supplements can help get you there with either powder or organic capsules. A teaspoon of the powder mixed with hot water makes a tasty tea, and of course you can mix it into your daily power drink or smoothie for an extra boost of focus and energy. My mother-in-law started to do this (she makes awesome smoothies) and I’ve been enjoying them- so yummy and invigorating!

Make 2018 the year that you come first

It’s time to make your health and well-being a priority. It’s time to take care of yourself, and arm yourself with everything you need to feel great, take care of your health and skin, and motivate you to get moving. Make goals that inspire you to love waking up and conquering each day, and share the good news as you go. These products will support you on your path, so spread the news!