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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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What do moms want for Mother’s Day? A little pampering for sure, because most mothers spend most of their days focused on others. A little pampering and attention just for mom one day a year is well-deserved (and really, even more than that), so get her gifts that focus on her own enjoyment.

We compiled some gift ideas for Mother’s Day to help you treat the lady in your life who was always there for you like the queen she is… one or all of these are sure to thrill her, and are all gifts I would love for myself too ♥︎

unique mothers day gift ideas

The gift of discovery with 23andMe

For a long time, I’ve been wondering what my ancestry is. I know what I think it is, but my parents’ country has been war torn and invaded quite a few times in the last few centuries, so really, I don’t know. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to ever really know, and it was sort of something I fantasized was possible in a futuristic alternative universe. Until I heard that with a little DNA, you actually can find out… and now I can find out.

Isn’t that unbelievable?

unique mothers day gift ideas
unique mothers day gift ideas

23andMe offers DNA analyzing that will break down ancestry, and you can find out who you really are. There are so many things I would love for Mother’s Day, and this gift stands apart as the best among them. And yes, I will be trying it out and sharing my results… I feel like it’s something my children would also love to learn, and it’s a great gift for pretty much anyone, but especially mom so she can find out her own fascinating ancestry.

To find out your ancestry with 23andMe, simply register the bar code on the side of the sample container, provide your sample (saliva), and mail it in with the pre-addressed, postage paid package. Your results will be available online!

I can’t wait. Let’s get started!

Enhanced beauty with Vichy Minéral 89 Moisturizer

My mother is a beautiful woman, and as the years past, her desire to care for her lovely skin was most important to her in her beauty ritual. I have a feeling many women care about their skin most as well, and keeping it moist and supple looking, because soft, smooth skin is probably the most attractive thing a woman can have.

For the significant woman in your life who cares about beautiful skin, a facial moisturizer that provides skin that feels hydrated, plumped, and toned every day is the perfect gift, and a great way to tell her you want her to feel about herself. She deserves it.

unique mothers day gift ideas

Vichy Minéral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Gel Face Moisturizer is a new generation of moisturizer and combines 15 Mineral Rich Water with Hyaluronic Acid to fortify skin and make it more resistant to visible aging caused by environmental factors (like the sun, dry air, etc). We can’t fight the natural elements of the world, but we can certainly take great care of our skin so it doesn’t show. With just 2 drops applied gently after cleansing, Vichy Minéral 89 provides 24 hours of skin hydration and a vibrant, healthy glow.


Sabon Butter Hand Cream

Hard working hands deserve to be cared for, and my grandmother has some of the hardest working hands ever. I can vividly recall images of her careworn hands over the years in my mind, rough and dry hands because of so many years of gardening and dish washing without stopping for some self-care. She deserves to care for those hands more than anyone I can think of, and the perfect gift for the mom who works with her hands is something that cares for her hands.

unique mothers day gift ideas

Sabon Butter Hand Cream is a very creamy, luxurious hand cream enriched with Shea Butter for healing and intense hydration. This is just what those hands of our family matriarch deserves. Shea butter is known to reduce inflammation and heal a great many skin conditions, and Sabon Butter Hand Cream can multi-task to pamper her all over her body, so it is truly a luxury bath and shower treat to remind her she matters and is allowed to treat herself. Sabon Butter Hand Cream emits a lovely fragrance of sweet almond with notes of vanilla, so mom and grandma can relax while her skin is soothed and enjoy the delicious scents.

Sabon Butter Hand Cream is available in a 75ml tube to be easily taken along on the go for wonderfully rich skin hydration anywhere that also shares that wonderful sweet almond and vanilla fragrance with those close by…

unique mothers day gift ideas

Happy Mother’s Day!!