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Create A Dream Bathroom

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Your home is your castle, and when you invest in upgrades, you want them to be the best quality possible, with a style that is both beautiful and enduring. One of the most popular home features is stone counters in kitchens and bathrooms, so homeowners everywhere are upgrading to stone vanities.

VT Industries and their stone A’vant Vanities, providing bathroom design that elevates the room to true luxury and elegance. There is no reason everyone can’t have a bathroom that excited them whenever they enter, and makes them proud to have guests over. Stone vanity surfaces are an easy way to both raise the value of the home while improving your family’s enjoyment for as long as you live in your house.

Vanity Surfaces

I remember growing up, the bathroom was typically the most practical room of the house. Its purposes were succinct and to the point, and there was no reason to spend more time there than necessary. Times have changed! Today, bathrooms area almost mini-spas, where you can relax, enjoy a steamy shower or bubble bath, fix your hair and give yourself a pedicure, etc. Bedroom vanities have moved to the bathroom, and all my beauty products- my hair brushes and makeup- are laid out on the vanity counter to help me to get ready each day at my leisure.

Bathroom decor has become so beautiful over time that it’s understandable why people consider it the place to go to relax, light some candles, and have a glass of wine and listen to music while you soak. But you can’t do any of that in an ugly bathroom, and for homeowners, renovating the bathroom is often #1 on the list of home To Dos.

Bathroom Stone Vanity Surfaces

A beautiful bathroom vanity is the good kind of vanity (nothing vain about wanting nice decor!), and installing a stone countertop on your vanity is very simple way to revitalize a utilitarian or outdated bathroom to make it beautiful. Replacing your bathroom vanities with an A’vant vanity countertop can bring new life to your bathroom!

Ready to make your bathroom one of the best rooms in the house? Find a local A’vant Stone Vanity dealer here. You can find product color samples here. VT Industries offers nationwide delivery, 15 on-trend colors, both standard sizes and custom sizing options, and even sink options so you can pair your new countertop with the perfect sink.

I personally love undermount sinks, they look beautiful with stone countertop vanities and make the bathroom super easy to clean, and when you shop, you’ll choose what speaks to your style and taste, and suits your lifestyle best.

Bathroom Vanity Surfaces

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