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Have You Seen Timeless? My Favorite New Show!

Looking for the next best show? How about one filled with action, adventure, romance, and time travel?

NBC’s Timeless is a thrilling show about a team of experts chasing after a mysterious criminal who stole a time machine and is intent on destroying America by changing its history. I love everything about this including and especially traveling with them throughout time, and reliving amazing periods of the past with each suspenseful, exciting episode.

Timeless NBC review

My husband was already a fan

It’s even better when you watch a show that others you know love, so you can chat about it. I had no idea my husband was a fan until I asked him if he ever heard of Timeless. He excitedly replied, “Yes! That’s the time travel show I’ve been telling you we should watch together! You are going to love it!” He loves it so much he is re-watching all of Season One with me.

As a history buff, there is even more to enjoy. I love our country’s history, and we get to come along for the ride as the heroes of the show revisit the Alamo, Lincoln’s assassination, Apollo 11, Bonnie and Clyde’s last day, and more… if you love history, with all the drama, scandals, glories, and exploits, as much as I do, you will love Timeless too.

Timeless NBC romance

It’s sort of reminiscent of Quantum Leap, but with the romantic tension that is natural between two beautiful leads, and the eye candy of two handsome male stars. The team that hopes to keep all well includes Abigail Spencer as the lovely history teacher Lucy Preston, Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, the scientist, and Matt Lantner as the handsome soldier, Wyatt Logan. The trio use a prototype of the time machine to travel back to important events and protect our timeline from the meddling villain, while ensuring they don’t screw anything up themselves.

The last two episodes of Season One air February 13 and February 20 on NBC on Mondays 10/9c, and so you don’t feel like you are missing out, you can catch up on all of the first season by binge-watching on Hulu (what I’m doing right now). The preview of the Valentine’s Day episode can be found in my tweet here:

Timeless airs on NBC on Mondays 10/9c on NBC

When a great show ends, I always flounder until I find another show to fall in love with, and Timeless has it all- action, fun, characters we root for, and humor as well (their aliases complied in this “What’s In A Name” clip make me laugh):

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