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Natural Hydration For My Yoga Days, In A Tastier Way

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, both for great health and for beauty. Having to drink lots of water a day can be a hard idea to swallow, especially if you aren’t used to it, even though you know getting enough daily hydration is great for your metabolism, skin, and maybe even helps with weight loss. Plain old water doesn’t always taste that great, and you also don’t want to drink high calorie, sugary drinks to get enough fluids either. So what about coconut water? Flavored coconut water? 100% juice made with coconut water? Yep, that does sound good!

Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water is a great way to get hydrated that is super tasty and low in calories. It’s 100% juice with no added sugar, and has the wonderful added benefit of being made with delicious coconut water. And frankly, this brand new juice tastes better than any coconut water I’ve ever had, and much more appealing than liters of boring water all day.

welchs coconut water grape juice

Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water has 30% less sugar than most juices, so whether you are buying it to hydrate your family in a way that doesn’t add sugar to their diets, or because you want to meet your daily hydration goals without lots of calories, Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water can help you do it. It has under 100 calories per serving and naturally has 30% less in sugar. There are no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and there are two servings of fruit in every 8 ounce glass!

Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water is available in White Grape Mango Flavor and Tropical Berry Grape, and both are really yummy. Welch’s is made right here in the USA, with family farmers and Welch’s grapes. We strive to buy as much as we can that is made in the USA, it’s really important to us to support our own economy and work force, so I’m thrilled that Welch’s is an American company. Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water, simply put, has great taste and refreshing goodness, and you can find it locally at CVS and Target (look for the purple logo!)

Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water…the great taste of 100% Juice with 30% less sugar!

The boys love Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water as much as I do, and each has a favorite. Personally, I love love love the Tropical Berry Grape, and we have been having a blast drinking them out of our tropical pineapples… I think we belong on a beach, not facing a New York autumn! It definitely takes me away a bit, and I love to sip on it while I do yoga or my Tracy Anderson exercises to keep me naturally hydrated in a tasty, refreshing way.

Learn more about Welch’s here, and find it with the product locator on their site. Just click on the purple tab on top labeled “WHERE TO BUY”. I got mine at Target… I looked for the familiar Welch’s logo in purple (and found it under a tab reminding me this delicious juice has 2 servings of fruit).