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Energized For Back-To-School And A New Year

Sponsored by Energizer®

The boys are back in school! This is the time of year we shop for new uniforms, school supplies, and power up for a great new school year. The days spent outdoors running around at the beach or park have now turned into evenings spent indoors doing homework and playing different games. The boys are very imaginative so they come up with lots of ways to have fun, both creative and active.

Energizer® helps us energize and focus on having the best school year yet, and in so many different ways, from keeping us safe as we walk around after dark, to coming up with games to play on these shorter days, and of course, letting the boys continue to sneak and read after it’s “lights out” time. I know they do it (I did it as a kid too), and I love knowing I’m raising little bookworms so I hand them Energizer Emergency All-in-One Lights to keep in their room “for an emergency”.

Indoor and outdoor fun when the days turn to night earlier

My sons are in Scouts, and sometimes they have to look for specific bugs or leaves, depending on the week’s lesson. In the fall, it gets dark so quickly, but we can still head out into our backyard with our Energizer Emergency All-in-One Light that provides two types of directional light.

Other times, they just want to “explore” inside, or play spooky games, and it’s a great time of year to have fun with mystery games because the darkness is so present. In addition to board games, they play flashlight tag, and they made up some version of fencing using the flashlights as light sabers- just trying to watch it is dizzying.

Since we don’t want to stop activities during the autumn and winter, we turn on the flashlight as we walk from a Scouts meeting or after school lesson to our car and again when we get back home. It makes us feel safe and lets the boys continue their favorite after school activities during the school year without worry. Energizer® MAX batteries ensure the Emergency All-in-One Light keeps going.

A love of late night reading

My older son loves to read, and I’ve caught him under his blanket reading comics or a Henry Higgins book well after he should be sleeping. My younger son is learning to read, so while he hasn’t started to sneak books into his bed yet, the day will come when he won’t be able to put down a good book until he finishes it. Since I want to encourage their love of reading, the tradition of staying up late reading by flashlight is alive and well in this home.

I also help them set up word games whenever my younger son wants to practice new sight words. He learns about 5 each week and it’s a fun way to make sure he knows them (and he likes the suspense of having to remember the word in less than ten seconds). My older son or I flash the light on a random flash card or word and the timer starts!

Recharging for a new academic year

This time of year, we generally check batteries everywhere around the house, in their favorite games, and replace them as needed. For moms, the “new year” starts when a new school year starts. I don’t even bother buying traditional calendars and planners anymore, they are all academic planners that start on August 1st, so this is the time of year I do my “fall cleaning”, reorganize, and basically start everything fresh for a great new school year.

Many of the boys’ favorite STEM toys are charged with Energizer® MAX batteries, so they keep going as long as my active kids do. The Energizer Emergency All-in-One Light can be used as an emergency flashlight that either shines a bright LED light both forward and downward at the same time (so we can see the ground as we take steps in the dark, as well as what is in front of us), or the option to use it in area mode, providing a bright and broad light from one side. We generally use the simultaneous lighting mode because we usually use it while on the move and find the spot-and-downward lighting useful, and the boys switch to single light mode to read, propping it up on their bed stand since the base of the flashlight is a stand.

The Energizer Emergency All-in-One Light can run on four AA batteries, or just two because of Power-saving PowerSwitch Technology, and the battery life is up to 60 hours! It’s WeatherReady so you can take in out in the rain if you are stuck anywhere, and can be dropped because it’s so durable. This has been (accidentally) tested a bunch by my sons already, and it’s still going. It’s the perfect emergency flashlight for families starting a busy new school year.