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Live An Active Life Without Worry

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Always Discreet at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine

I can do all the things I always did before having children, but more carefully, because apparently one of the things you don’t hear often (one of those fun after-effects of having a baby) is that you suddenly start to leak… and it doesn’t take much to make that happen. Beware a dusty room that makes you sneeze or a funny friend who always makes you laugh too hard, because those are danger zones, and forget trampoline jumping with your kids. But what active, fun woman wants to live like that?

I hear that one in three women experience incontinence, but I believe the number is much higher and only 1 in 3 admit it. So why aren’t we talking about it? And sharing ideas on how to tackle it?

What I do know is that many women have no interest in stocking up on thick sanitary napkins to wear daily forevermore to take care of this, or always being aware of wearing them, and knowing why. We want to forget about urinary incontinence (even if it is a normal part of life for over a third of us), and Always Discreet lets women do this. With discreet and pretty underwear specifically created for bladder leaks, and femininely designed with a focus on comfort, it works to solve the problem of accidental leaks. You won’t feel uncomfortable, and it’s your secret (that you share with millions of other women who also don’t want to talk or think about it). So you can just keep moving through life, same as always, nothing slowing you down.

Always Discreet pulls, traps, and locks away wetness and odor, neutralizing it immediately and continuously, so women don’t have to change anything in their lives. No embarrassment at work, running a marathon, playing with your kids, or laughing with your friends.

Every woman deserves the confidence to live life to the fullest, and that means feeling free to be active and spontaneous at every stage of your life. Always Discreet comes in a variety of products from liners, pads and underwear that are each designed to contour the fit of your body. It offers protection you can trust and a discreet design, so women can feel like bladder leaks are no big deal (because they aren’t), and that is a very big deal.

Save yourself from embarrassment and save some money too

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