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Streaming On Netflix For A Kid’s Halloween

I’ve been a loyal fan of Netflix for over ten years, and I’m raising Netflix fans too. My sons currently love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so much that they plan to be Michelangelo and Leonardo for Halloween, and go out into the night fighting crime and bad guys at the behest of their leader, a Samurai rat.

Who am I kidding? They aren’t waiting for Halloween, they are already wearing their costumes every day 😂


And while they jump around the various rooms of the house, off of couches and coffee tables while flailing their respective weapons, they watch their favorite festive movies on Netflix over and over and over again.

I love the crazy noise and cheerful banter, I really do ♥︎

My sons love to celebrate holidays, but don’t like to be scared, so luckily the kids section of Netflix offers a great selection of holiday shows and movies that are kid-friendly… not scary, gory, or filled with cuss words that will have me labeled a terrible mom if they were to ever repeat them at their schools.

If you want to plan a fun Halloween for your kids too, complete with cinematic entertainment, here are our pics for the best (non-nightmare inducing) shows and movies for your kids 10 and under- all of which are streaming on Netflix now:

Great Halloween TV For Kids

1. Curious George “A Halloween BooFest”
2. Pac’s Scary Halloween
3. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman
4. Party Rangers Samurai: Party Warriors
5. DreamWorks Spooky Stories
6. Casper’s Scare School
7. GooseBumps


and of course, the treats, which they can help make! We bake up some pizzas (because hello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles love pizza!) at home and decorate the little pepperonis with scary faces using a gourmet marker (edible and safe to use, and makes decorating the food very fun for kids)…

ellios halloween-6

and a trail mix that includes edible candy eyes (that spookily peak up from the bowl) and candy corn for Halloween-like color.

We plan to invite their friends over for a late night of Netflix and treats, so their parents know everyone is safe while still celebrating and having fun.

Happy Halloween!