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Smart Homeowners Have Smart Homes

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alarm.com. As always, all opinions are my own.

Smart home technology is designed to make the lives of homeowners easier, and can save time, money, and energy by automating mundane tasks and allowing owners to control their home remotely via an app. The best aspect of smart home technology, though, is that it can provide a greater sense of safety and security. As a mom, my biggest care in the world is the welfare of my family, and I love being able to always have eyes on my home and family, even when I’m busy and can’t physically be there with them.

Alarm.com app

Home automation that takes those tedious tasks (like checking every room in the house to make sure the lights are off every night) and either controls them on a schedule you set, or is remotely controlled via a smart phone or tablet app. If you’re working late at night, or are away, you are still in charge.

Alarm.com’s Smarter Home Security allows homeowners to adjust the thermostat, turn lights on and off in different rooms, and check on whether doors are locked and the alarm system is armed. You can even view video from the cameras around your home via a live feed or saved videos all on your smart phone or table. It doesn’t matter if it’s happening now or already happened- you’ll never miss a moment.

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Working parents need an extra set of eyes

I work from home, but I can’t stop working every time the doorbell rings. With Alarm.com’s doorbell camera, I can see who is at the front door and speak to them, and decide if I need to stop working or can just communicate with them from my office. For parents who work outside the home, the level of convenience is the same. Homeowners can let delivery people know where to leave packages, or tell visitors to return later. Children never need to answer the door to strangers at all.

If someone does come in, Alarm.com tracks who, when, and through which door. Since smart home technology includes keyless door entry, family members and guests can be given codes for access, and those can be changed whenever necessary- without needing to call a locksmith. Homeowners can see if the dog walker came by at 2pm to walk the dog… and only at 2pm. They can also see what they were doing inside the home, and if the dog walker is fired, their access code can be changed so they no longer have access. Alarm.com ensures possessions and people are safe at home.

Smarter home security

In homes with two working parents, staying in touch from work is easier with Alarm.com. Busy parents can’t always be home when their children are, especially during the summer when children are off from school. Parents still want to know who is ringing on the front door, or coming into their home, and still want to see what is happening in their home. Security cameras and doorbell cameras with two way communication and live video feed gives working or busy parents a sense of control and security, with alerts and the ability to talk to whomever is on the other side of the video camera.

For homes with smart home technology, the Alarm.com app integrates everything great about smart home technology- interactive security, lights, locks, thermostats, video cameras and garage doors, all of it- through one easy to use mobile app. There are even real-time alerts for when monitored windows or doors are opened, such as a medicine cabinet in a home with toddlers, and proactive safeguards that send reminder alerts that the garage door was left open or emergency weather alerts.

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Any homeowner can be a smart homeowner

Alarm.com is a leading technology provider of Smarter Home Security, and that includes everything from home security products and video monitoring, to energy management and smart appliances management. Have the thermostat automatically adjust so your home is comfortable by the time you arrive, check that you remembered to close the garage when you are already in bed, or view your baby napping in his crib while you’re at work on your tablet. The Alarm.com app does it all.

Alarm.com is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone, and offers a dedicated cellular connection so even if the internet or power is down, or phone lines are cut, your property is still protected. Alarm.com’s highly rated mobile app is very intuitive- just swipe back and forth to navigate between screens, and tap to make selections. Smarter Home Security has never been easier. It’s not a surprise it’s trusted by millions of people to protect their families, homes, and even businesses.

Alarm.com services are exclusively sold, set up and supported by a nationwide network of authorized Security and Smarter Home expert service providers that can customize a solution for their customers. Find a dealer here.

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