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Kia Ride And Drive Event – See What’s New In 2016 + Beyond

I have been given compensation for this post by, Kia. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

On a beautiful summer day, driving around in a gorgeous car is a pretty good way to pass the time. I recently had the opportunity to do just this with the Kia K900, Kia’s luxury sedan, as well as seven other Kia vehicles at the Kia Ride and Drive Event at Smith Haven Mall. Passersby had the opportunity to test drive everything from wagons and SUVs to Kia’s luxury sedan and mid-size offerings.

kia ride and drive 2016 smith haven mall

The new Kia fleet of cars has the market covered with something for everyone’s wants and needs, and I think I want and need the Kia K900. The K900 is a true luxury car, with an optional V8 engine, elegant wood trim, heated and ventilated seats, voice command navigation and an over 9″ touch screen. My husband loves that it’s a rear wheel drive, and I love the comfort of the ride and features, and the overall sophisticated lines.

The Kia K900 also features a split panoramic roof that opens in the middle for a larger view, soft closing doors, and lots of cargo space. I googled it after the Kia Ride and Drive Event and think the Kia K900 is black has my name on it. I even love the quilting of the seat fabric.

kia k900 2016
kia k900 wood trim 2016
kia k900 interior

After the Kia K900, we test drove and loved the 2016 Kia Optima, a mid-size family car with great safety and comfort features. The Kia Optima is probably the vehicle we would have picked if I didn’t need so much extra space these days for extra people carpooling with us to extracurricular activities and school. Hubby test drove it and said it was a smooth and comfortable ride, and he loves the interior layout – very user friendly and intuitive.

kia optima 2016

Since we are a family of four with little children, we also have our eyes on the Kia Sorento, the Kia Sedona, and we even discussed the Kia Forte as a great first car for our kids when they are ready to drive. It’s safe but not huge, a compact vehicle at a great price point with lots of tech features usually found on much more expensive cars- it seems to advanced for a starter car! But new drivers and young professionals need a safe car when they are commuting alone, before they have a need for a bigger car, and one that offers features like remote start and navigation for such a great price is a good way to start.

kia forte

The Kia Sorento is a cross-over SUV that is ideal for traveling families, and we love to go on road trips. We currently need an SUV or minivan for our lifestyle, and probably won’t drive anything else for the next decade, and we really love the roomy Sorento. It was a tough call between the Sorento and the Sedona, but after we discovered the Kia Sedona’s recliner second row seats (not just reclining- they are recliners with foot rests that lean back for passengers to take naps while putting their feet up), we decided this multi-purpose minivan was our top pick as a family today. The third row folds down for extra space for us soccer moms and family road-trippers.

kia sorento
kia sedona
kia sedona second row seats recliners

Kia’s new fleet of cars feature models with Apple CarPlay, are compatible with Androids, and have UVO infotainment, a subscription free information system. Some, including the Optimam have cameras that capture all sides of the car for safer parking and maneuvering, including a bird’s eye view from above. From technological advances, innovative seating and safety features, and more, Kia has definitely come to play. The Kia K900 will be my next car, after the sports and carpooling years. I deserve a little luxury in my life too ♥︎

To find out more about Kia and their full line of vehicles, visit Kia.com.