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Great Contact Lens Service- A Gajillion Percent Guaranteed

This post is sponsored by 1-800 Contacts.

I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 11, and in those early years I had to make an appointment with my eye doctor for a full check up every six months so he would order new lenses for me, and I’d have to return to his office again to pick them up. Just thinking about getting my pupils dilated and needing a ride home made me postpone appointments repeatedly, even though I needed my contact lenses- not a good thing.

Then I heard about 1-800 CONTACTS, and I couldn’t believe I could get contact lenses delivered to me directly without having to keep trekking to my ophthalmologist’s office 40 minutes away. Did he know about this service? Begrudgingly, he admitted he did, and he started to write me prescriptions for my orders. I had the freedom of walking out with a prescription for a full year’s contact lens supply- no pupil dilation necessary (for this appointment at least).

I always have fresh contact lenses ready to use if one tears or is lost. I don’t have to wait to make an appointment for my doctor to reorder for me, and try to get by wearing an incredibly uncomfortable torn lens in the meantime. It was one of those things that vastly improved the quality of my life, one less demand on my time, one less (major) inconvenience… I love 1-800 CONTACTS!


A lifestyle change for a better view

Nothing is worse than realizing I’m down to my last contact lens… it was worse years back when my vanity didn’t allow me to get back-up glasses, but sometimes, since lenses do tear, or just wear down, and you need to be able to see to drive and work and study, it happened and I was completely inept for up to a week.

1-800 CONTACTS sends me reminders when it’s time to renew so I never run out anymore, and they make it sooo easy! Every year my eye doctor can fax them a new prescription directly, or they can even call him and take a prescription by phone, and the customer service (backed by a Gajillion Percent Guarantee) is top-notch, so they really take care of everything.

I haven’t reached into my “eye” drawer in years to find out I’m out of lenses. There are always more, along with my stock of rewetting drops and contact lens storage solution (and now that I’ve finally grown up and gotten past my no-eyeglasses vanity, a sensible pair of backup glasses that look pretty good if I need them in a pinch).

kindle dx glasses

Easier than ever

In the past I received an email reminder from 1-800 CONTACTS to know when to reorder, so I just never had to worry about it. There were also deals sent my way, lots of incentives that made me never want to shop elsewhere. Shipping is free, and super fast. They have a huge inventory (over 15 million contact lenses in stock) so there are no worries about them being out of your contact lenses.

Now it’s even easier to use 1-800 CONTACTS, because they have an app! I downloaded the 1-800 CONTACTS app on my phone and it lets me reorder from anywhere, plus offers the option to include extra items I may be low on, like contact lens solution and rewetting drops. I can check the order status and am emailed when my order ships. It usually arrives within two days.

To order, just open up the app, sign up or sign in, take a picture of your prescription or put in your eye doctor details and let 1-800 CONTACTS take care of the rest. Simple.

Great service!!!

I remember running out of contact lenses one Monday morning, and I hadn’t been aware of it because I had been deleting reminder emails (midterms were on my mind). When I realized it, I panicked. What if my last lens tore today??

I speedily reordered my contacts, and my new lenses arrived at my door on Wednesday afternoon. Now that is what I call fast, speedy service. I have always been a Gajillion Perfect satisfied.


1-800 CONTACTS is the world’s largest contact lens store, and dedicated to providing you with a simple, hassle-free way to replace your contact lenses. At 1-800 CONTACTS, you will receive the exact same contact lenses your doctor prescribed, delivered to your door, at a great price. Order by phone, online, mail, fax, or the 1-800 CONTACTS app.

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